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Something Borrowed for Valentines

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Something Borrowed for ValentinesIt's no secret that sometimes you can find a new use for an old object.  By old, I don't mean antique, vintage, or even second hand; just something that's been hanging around and generally overlooked for ever.  Plastic cups and takeaway tubs spring to mind for me; they seem to lurk, forgotten and unloved in the back of the cupboard, never there when you need them, multiplying relentlessly when you don't... well here's a way to help love them up again.
Place a heart-shaped doily inside one of the plastic cups, then very gently, slide the second cup inside the first.  The doily may scrunch a little, depending on it's size, but it should still look fine.
The same applies for the food tubs; simply lay three hearts into the first tub, and slip the second inside.  Remember that the lid and food are in the upper tub, so the food isn't touching the paper and if the bottom falls off, you will lose the doilies, not the food - all good.
You can use the tub to put some Valentine biscuits inside and give as a present and serve some pink lemonade in the cups for a mini-party at home.  It's fast, simple, cheap, and personally, I think it looks rather pretty!

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