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Some Tips For Brides On Choosing the Perfect Dresses For Their Bridesmaids

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140
Some Tips For Brides On Choosing the Perfect Dresses For Their Bridesmaids

Finding the right bridesmaids dresses may be as tricky as picking up the wedding dress for yourself. One maid’s idea of fashion may be a wardrobe hell for another one and while you may that blue is the best colour that is going to suit all, your bridesmaids may disagree with you. So, how would it be possible for you to make this important choice?

Here are a few tips that can help you make your selection:

Check out the dresses yourself primarily

The first thing that you need to do is choose a dress that you think will look great on your maids. Although it’s important to know about their opinions, including them in the shopping right from the start is only going to make the selection process a lot more harder. Taking all of them along with you for shopping is probably going to result in chaos. So, all that you need to do is find the dress you like, email them the photo and ask them to give their feedback. Pay heed to their comments while making your choice and start it from there.

Make sure the one you choose is reusable

Usually bridesmaids pay for their own piece of clothings. So, make sure when you are choosing a dress for them, they can wear it again in some other occasions as well. Go for colours like black, brown, gold, black or green rather than looking for dresses in lavender or pink. Stick with sleek and simple styles like A-line skirts and empire waists and not ball gowns that have puffed sleeves. You can even consider separates, which your maids may wear individually sometime.

The dress should make your maids look good

You might have heard about brides dressing their bridesmaids in gowns that are unflattering so that they do not outshine the bride. However, don’t think this way. In order to have great wedding pictures you need to make sure that the dresses they wear make them look good and they can only look good when they wear flattering gowns. Also make sure that the style and color of the dress that you choose for them go along pretty well with their complexion, hair colour and body shape.

Stick to the budget of your maids

When you’re asking bridesmaids to make the payment for their own gowns or dresses, ensure you select something that isn’t too much expensive. The dresses you choose should be within their budgets. Online portals are full of designer bridesmaids dresses and the best part is you can even find them at a very reasonable price.

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