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Why Should You Not Rent Buy Buy Your Wedding Dress?

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140

Wedding dress is the most expensive item on the wedding budget of any bride-to-be. And with the prices of these dresses going so high, renting may seem to be a great option to you. If it’s your wedding and you are looking out for a dress, however don’t rent it but buy it. There are many cheap wedding dresses available. Most importantly, pay attention to the following in order to understand why you must think twice before renting.

You will have a very limited selection to choose from and this is the biggest drawback in renting a wedding dress. Though most of the rentals are brimming with the latest designers and designs, it does fall short. Thus, chances are that even if you choose to rent, you may not be able to get the dress that you want to wear.

Renting poses many restrictions. Since you are going to return the dress and someone else will be wearing it again, there are many precautionary measures that the rental store may ask you to take. The first one to deal with is the limited alteration possibilities. You will not be able to modify the look of your wedding dress that you are renting. There are a few rentals, which do not even permit a slight alteration. In such a case, finding a dream dress may be possible but in a size, which doesn’t fit you.

Most of the rental stores are going to charge you a heavy amount of deposit when you are renting their dress. During return, if the store finds any kind of damage to the dress, they will cut back the money right from the deposit and if they find that the damage made is beyond repair, you may even have to buy it. So, all the money that you have planned to use for your honeymoon might go down the drain.

So, why rent? Buy it!There is no need for you to opt for those costly designer gowns. You can get cheap wedding dresses in the  market and the best part is you will have a wider selections to choose from. There are many designers who are designing fabulous gowns for the brides-to-be and selling at a reasonable price. The dress of your dream that you buy can be altered as well. Moreover, you can remove or add whatever embellishments you do not want – the dress is completely yours. If you want, you can even pass it down to your daughter.

Why Should You Not Rent Buy Buy Your Wedding Dress?

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