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Some Thoughts on Western Whites and the Modern Antiracist Movement

Posted on the 22 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

Jason writes:

Northeast Asians have a high IQ and are incredibly racist, with a tendency toward child-like tribalism (mob mentality).

Racism means hating other groups. That is the only meaning of the term that makes any sense.

The commenter is correct that NE Asians are very primitive that way. That is why I really do think that Asians are a lower race. Whites are the most antiracist race on Earth, so that is why we are better. We tend to be above that sort of thing, and we are more likely than any other race to think it is immoral. The whole theory of antiracism came from White people. The only serious antiracist movements in the world are run by Whites and are mostly Whites chastising other Whites for their racism.

Most of the other groups are not involved in antiracism. Arabs have no use for it. There is no antiracist movement in Black Africa, nor in North Africa. There is none in Central Asia. At least in Afghanistan and Iran, people are wildly bigoted. As commenters have noted on this site, Northeast Asians are unbelievably, unashamedly racist. I know little about Southeast Asians. Obviously people in the Indian subcontinent are so racist that they are off the charts. I have no idea how racist Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, Papuans, and Aborigines are, however, Indonesians are insanely racist towards the Papuans in Western New Guinea (Irian Jaya). They treat them almost as if they are a subhumans who are not even fully Homo sapiens. Also I have heard that Hawaiians are unbelievably racist towards Whites.

I have little knowledge of racism in the Americas. However, in the US, Hispanics are dramatically more racist towards Blacks than White people are. In Peru and Chile, there is outrageous racism towards Indians. I cannot speak to the rest of the Americas.

However, the Whites in the Americas and Africa are a lot more primitive and backwards than Western Whites. They show their baseness by the extreme racism we see in Latin American Whites. These Whites simply have not gotten on board the antiracist train.

The White South Africans were also a very backwards and primitive group of Whites and they still are.

I will also say that Russians are a very backwards and primitive type of Whites. They are not as advanced as Westerners. We see this in the fact that racism against non-Whites is extremely common in Russia.

There are no antiracist movements of any note in the Arab World, Turkey, the Near East, North Africa, Iran and Afghanistan, Northeast Asia, Indonesia, Latin America (though there is one in Brazil and Cuba). There is an anti-bigotry movement in India against casteism and it has been going on for 65 years now with almost no success.

Racism is pretty much the norm in primitive or less advanced tribal groups because it is simply tribalism. Only Western Whites have been advanced enough to attempt to move beyond racism, and they have only done so in the 20th Century. By any metric, Western Whites are probably some of the least racist people on Earth.

The problem with the modern antiracist movements is that it is mostly White people screaming at other White people to stop being racist. I do not necessarily oppose that, but please note that no other race is moral enough to chastise themselves in this way.

One of the problems with this movement is that modern White antiracism is utterly silent on the racism of non-Whites even though they are vastly more racist than White people.

Also this movement states as its founding principle that the whole problem on Earth is White people and their racism. This is a lie. White racism is not the biggest problem on Earth. How could it be when Whites are the least racist group of humans? So the movement is irrational at its core.

In the West, many non-Whites have joined this movement that White people set up. Their role in this movement is to scream and carry on about the racism of White people. Once again, I do not mind on principle as I think we Whites can always do better. But these antiracist nonwhites are irrational because they think the world’s biggest problem is the racism of the least racist people on Earth. Also Western non-White antiracists are utterly silent on the racism of their own kind and other non-Whites. This is irrational because these groups are all more racist than Whites.

Most other races apparently don’t even think racism is wrong.

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