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Some Thoughts on a Majority-Gay Society

Posted on the 10 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Tulio writes:

I don’t have much to add here other than to say very interesting post! I would love to see some queers respond to this.

This post is in regards to my thought experiment about what society would look like if most adults were gay or bisexual. My general conclusion is that this would not be a very workable, coherent or even sane society. By that, I did not mean to say that gay and lesbian subcultures are unworkable, incoherent or insane, although I find some aspects of gay male culture to be pretty crazy. Anyway, small gay and lesbian subcultures function fairly well in the West and exist without causing major or catastrophic problems to the larger society. Bottom line is Western countries can continue to flourish  with small gay and lesbian subcultures.

If only a tiny minority of society, say 2-3%, is openly gay or lesbian, it is nothing to worry about a lot. Sure, gay and lesbian culture is quite pathological in many ways, but they mostly hurt themselves, not others. These cultures do cause quite a few problems centering around mental and physical health for the most part. However, these problems are generally very localized within the gay or lesbian community itself and typically do not cause massive disruptions or devastating problems in society as a whole.

Gay and lesbian subcultures in the West are still workable and cause little damage to society as a whole if this segment is limited to 2-3% population, as the population is so small that any problems created are be quite manageable by the larger society. But the post points out just how insane and weird society would be if a majority of adults were gay or lesbian. Society would be bizarre as Hell, profoundly pathological and highly dysfunctional.

Could it work? Maybe. Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Zaire, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Donbass have societies that technically function. Gypsy society is insanely dysfunctional and pathological, and they have been carrying on and surviving for centuries. People and cultures have a way of surviving.

But if most adults were gay or lesbian, this would be very bad for society in countless ways. It would be a huge societal downgrade. So in theory, it’s not a workable proposition, and it would be an incredibly bad idea.

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