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Some of Us Are More EQUAL Than Others

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani
Some of Us are More EQUAL than OthersDr. Salomon Melgen of West Palm Beach  owes the IRS $11 million so instead of making arrangements to pay this, he donated  hundreds of thousands of dollars to several politicians including Senator Bill Nelson, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey. All of the politicians are prominent Democrats in a democratic administration and a democratic Department of Justice. Draw your own conclusions!
The doctor managed to keep his private plane (probably worth $11 millions or more) and was flying Senator Menendez back and forth for free to the Dominican Republic where he provided him with prostitutes. All of that cost could have been applied to his IRS tab, but he did not have a care in the word, he had pull instead.
This week, FBI agents raided his office and are taking away potential evidence. The FBI will not confirm why they are raiding the office but I have a thought or two:!) the conservative media (Daily Caller and others) are putting the heat on the news so something looking official had to be done; 2) To exonerate the VIP politicians who took the doctors donations, some official investigation has to take place, make more noise...and then find nothing. At that point, as the French would say: "Le tour est joué!"
Le doctor will make a tax settlement with the IRS (10 cents on the dollar) under the tutelage of his Washington buddies and he is back to flying the friendly skies, with lots of wind beneath his wings.
I recall that the Menendez v. senoritas de la noche stories were out there BEFORE the last election, when he was facing New Jersey Senator Joe Kyrillos. They never got much traction because the National Media never picked up on them. Conveniently Sandy came about and Menendez got to parade with Christie and Obama looking very concerned and compassionate and that was that. I wonder where Kyrillos was at the time. He was probably there but the cameras did not focus on him, or he did not want to be seen with cavorting with Obama.
I will be following the story to confirm the outcome I predicted above, won't you?
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