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Some Like It Crazy: Michele Bachmann

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

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Every time I hear Michele Bachmann speak, I get this powerful urge to yell obscene profanity. Kind of like this:

"Hurricane of Piss"..."Shut Your Fucking Cave"..."Big Fat Egg of Solid Fuck"... Priceless. However, being a lady (Errr, actually it's because I can't come up with anything half as creative as Big Fat Egg of Solid Fuck), I usually go with something a bit more tame like, "You CRAZY b!#@%".... And I don't mean the nicer version, "Ha, Ha, Laugh. Giggle. You're crazy, b!#@%". No! It's more like - you are one crazy BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. So, I'm kicking off a series called, Some Like It Crazy.  Every now and then, I will feature posts on personalities that I and the global Zeitgeist deem as crazy. You know. Crazy. Today, it's Michele Bachmann. Ya, she is knees deep crazy.
Judge for yourself...
She blamed the swine flu outbreak on democrats. Read it here.
She consistently gets history wrong. Check it here.
She lies. Blatantly.
She called Climate Change a hoax. Really. Yes.
Sarah Plain likes her. Need I say more.
Oh and she is a big big loser. Bye bye Oval Office.
Looks like the only thing left for Bachmann is to wait for that phone call like her BFF Sarah Palin did back in 2008 and be asked to run on the ticket as the VP candidate. I'm sure that will lead to more blogs dedicated to crazy things Michele Bachmann says. Check out this blog, this blog and straight from the horse's mouth, this blog. I can't wait.

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