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Some Less Known Causes of Heart Attack

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Health_news

Some less known causes of Heart AttackHeart attack is a critical situation which needs immediate medical attention. People with serious heart problems should ensure to regularly go for medical checkups for ensuring a healthy heart. We all know that heart attack is majorly caused due to blocking of arteries thus leading to less flow of oxygen. The heart pumps due to continuous blood flow which provides oxygen to the heart. Heart attack is basically a result of CHD i.e. Coronary Heart Disease. CHD is a chronic condition wherein plaque which is a waxy element starts building up inside the arteries. This substance hinders the arteries to supply oxygen enriched blood to the heart. Yet apart from this, there are some less know causes as well that lead to Heart Attack.

Less Known Causes of Heart Attack:

People often attribute blockage to be the key reason for heart attack. But the fact is that blockage is not the sole reason for this. There are other reasons as well that cause heart attack. Let us find out.

  • Trauma-A situation of trauma can also lead to heart attack. On receiving a blunt trauma towards chest wall, abdomen or pelvis, a clot gets formed within the coronary artery which immediately tears or separates. This separates the artery from the heart and hence the supply of blood flow reduces gradually.  This further deprives oxygen as well and leads to heart attack. Such trauma is majorly caused due to sports accident or an automobile accident wherein the person gets hit harder on the chest area.
  • Coronary Artery Dissection-Coronary artery dissection is a condition wherein the walls of coronary artery get separated or splits. This further disturbs the blood flow towards the heart. This leads the heart function abnormally and cause heart attack. Such type of heart attack is majorly felt by women. The situation is created due to hormonal fluctuations in women. Hence women often face such attack during periods or as soon as she gets pregnant. Apart from this, it can also happen while the gynecologist inserts catheter for diagnosis.
  • Anomalous Coronaries-Some people have abnormal coronary arteries right from birth. This occurs in case of congenital problems. In such cases, these abnormal coronary arteries pressurize blood vessels for blood flow. But the blood flow starts decreasing. As a result, when the need for blood flow and oxygen is there then coronary arteries fail to fulfill this need and lead to sudden death or heart attack. By the grace of God, Anomalous Coronaries is found in hardly 1% of population worldwide.
  • Kawasaki Disease-Kawasaki Disease is a major cause of heart attack in children. This is an autoimmune disease and is affecting children below the age of five years. In this the child suffers through the inflammation of lymph node and blood vessels. This further damages the walls of the chest and lead to heart attack. However, fortunately children do not develop such complication. It is hence advisable to be very particular and cautious with regular medical checkups of children.

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