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Solving Rembrant’s Riddle

By Travelingbook @travelingbook
Solving Rembrant’s riddle

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How many secrets a painting hides is a question that we don’t often ask ourselves while watching a masterpiece hanging on a museum’s wall.

However, the author of Rembrant’s Ghost, Paul Christopher, saw something on the Dutch artist’s work, that made him get the inspiration for writing a novel based on the artist’s paintings.

Placed in our modern world, the main characters, Finn Ryan and Billy Pilgrim, meet for the first time thanks to a Rembrant’s canvas that had been own by a relative and passed by to Pilgrim through a lawyer, after the disapearance of its owner.

Although they don’t undertand at the begining why they’re to chase a group of clues around the world in order to get a hidden treasure, they are certain that the small painting that they have on their hands now is the key to solve the puzzle.

The journey takes them from London to Amsterdam, then to the Polynesia, and after that back to Amsterdam. And it’s during this time when they discover the true story of their own families as well as how was it that an old explorer got to meet Rembrant in Holland and asked him to pain a portrait for his collection, the same portrait that was inherited to them by their lost relative.

It’s only after Finn and Billy have passed through several tests and dangers that they realized that the answer to the riddle is inside of the detailed painting that shows a room in an Amsteram house in which the jewels were hidden by the explorer, and then concealed in the painting made by Rembrant, who helped the old explorer to cover his tracks, to be uncovered in the future only by those able to solve this puzzle made with colors and forms.

Solving Rembrant’s riddle

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Solving Rembrant’s riddle

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