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Solaris Astrology Newsletter for 16th September 2014

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Solaris Astrology Newsletter for 16th September 2014

Hi Everyone. The latest Newsletter from myself will be out on Tuesday. This is the second edition and if you haven't subscribed to it then you are rather missing out. The new edition to be published not only includes myself but also I am pleased to confirm that Astrologer Jessica Adams is going to be writing too. Jessica as you may know has a very successful website and she writes Astrology columns for Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar.

So what do we have for you this time around? There are the regular features that will come along each two weeks, namely a look at the planets against the fixed stars until 30th September and also a quick rundown of all the major planetary aspects between 16th and the end of the month, so you know what to expect and how to plan your week.

Other features in issue 2 will include :-

Celebrity birthday natal analysis of somebody who celebrates their Solar Return between 16th and 30th Sept

A look at the Rosetta Mission to land a space probe on a Speeding Comet. Will it succeed or fail?

The Movement of the Major Asteroids for October to December 2014 - Jessica Adams gets out her crystal ball and looks ahead to see how the Asteroids will affect you.

The future of Scotland and the United Kingdom - A fascinating look at the Scottish Referendum on 18th September 2014, a history lesson too and an amazing coincidence with the past.

The Astrological Story of Jack the Ripper - I look in detail at the possible identity of the man who went down in legend as "Jack the Ripper" and yet was never caught or convicted of the crimes he committed.

Remember the only way that you can read these articles from Jessica and myself is to subscribe to the Newsletter. At 25+ pages sent to you every couple of weeks of interesting and thought provoking Astrology, we think the Newsletter is excellent value. I hope that each week you will be able to learn something new and interesting by reading it. By subscribing, it also helps to keep the Solaris Astrology website, blog and Facebook page all up and running for the future. Please support me, and in the process you will keep quality Astrology writing on the internet alive and well. Thank you...

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