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So Many Eggs

By Scarecrow
So Many EggsLast months egg total was 224 and yes as Matron commented that is a lot of eggs.
I use a lot in baking and we eat eggs for breakfast regularly but this is still too many eggs.
I like to freeze the excess supply for use later in the year when the girls aren't as productive.
To freeze eggs I use the method from Jackie French's Chook Book:
So Many EggsPer cup of Beaten Egg use 10g (2 teaspoons) of Sugar to use them in baking or 3g Salt for savoury use (scrambled eggs, egg slices, quiches etc).
The sugar/salt is to stop them thickening according to Jackie and I haven't tried it without.
I freeze them 2 at a time for baking and 6 at a time for savoury because most of the recipes I use need them in those amounts.
There are other ways of freezing eggs but I find this way most convenient.
Next on the list Doc wants to try a batch of Pickled Eggs!

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