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So It Begins...

By Thelostboylloyd @lloydthelostboy
I'm actually inspired by the plethora of Filipino travel bloggers I've been reading. No matter if it's a housewife who just loves to travel or an entrepreneur taking pictures during business trips, I've come to realize that Filipinos have a deep passion for travel.It's a blessing that air travel in the Philippines is not a luxury anymore, with the budget carrier model proving most effective in this "developing" archipelago. Add to that, the Philippines is a very affordable tourist destination, even cheaper than tourist-infested Thailand.Unfortunately, the government could only do so much to stimulate tourism in the country. May this blog encourage everyone to explore the Philippines and encourage young travelers like myself to take travel as hobby. May this also be a call to the Department of Tourism to harness but not abuse the undiscovered natural gems in our country.

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