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So I Am a Republican, Right?

Posted on the 23 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

From the Net. Supposedly Republicans and Democrats differ on all of these issues. According to most of the liberals and Leftists on the Net, and I not a liberal or a Leftist. In fact, I am a conservative, Republican, Rightist, fascist, reactionary.

I don’t agree with this. On the vast majority of issues, of course I go liberal or Left.

I come out Democrat on 23 issues and Republican on 3 issues. According to most morons on the liberal/Left, this means I must be a Republican! Some people can’t do math.

This just shows you how utterly insane our political system is. If you’re not 100% on one side, they declare you an infidel, excommunicate you, and throw you over to the other side where they don’t want you and you disagree with them on 90% of the issues. This whole binary political system belongs in the toilet along with everyone retard who thinks like this.

Abortion: Democrat

Balanced Budgets: Democrat

Climate Change: Democrat

Defense Spending: Democrat

Education Vouchers: Democrat

Fracking: Democrat

Gun Control: Democrat

Hate Crimes: Republican

Income Inequality: Democrat

Judicial Nominations: Democrat

Keystone Pipeline: Democrat

Legalized Marijuana: Democrat

Marriage Equality: Democrat

Net Neutrality: Democrat

Obamacare: Democrat

Prayer in Schools: Democrat

Quarantining of Health Care Workers: Republican

Religious Restoration Laws: Democrat

Standardized Testing: Democrat

Teacher Tenure: Democrat

Undocumented Immigrants: Republican: Democrat

Voter Id Laws: Democrat

Workplace Regulations: Democrat

Xenophobia: Democrat

Youthful Offenders: Democrat

Zimmerman (George) Verdict: Republican

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