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So, Here's The Thing....

By Simonea

So, Here's The Thing....
photograph by mario testino
i have only read one book this year. one book.i wonder how that is even possible given that for as long as i can remember, i've been reading one or two books at any one time.
i have been browsing a lot of interiors & house magazines & websites.
i spend my days thinking about the house. the rooms. the interiors.craving light.bright.white.i peruse the architect's plans.we meet. we discuss.still awaiting planning permission.trying to sync communication between the architect, the builder, my husband & me.
So, Here's The Thing....
pretty much everything we own bar the children's beds & most of our kitchen stuff is in storage.i dream about my gorgeously comfy & snugly boxes of kitchen table.
things that i already haven't seen for so long, i've already forgotten exactly what is there. it may be months before we are reunited.someone said to me the other day that if it's in storage for longer than 18 months, then you clearly can live without it. i'm not so sure.
So, Here's The Thing....
to be honest, i am waiting patiently for all the different things that need to happen to enable work to begin to come together....i know that once it starts, we have probably about 8 months of continuous work ahead of us.once we start, there is no going back.dust. disruption. chaos. lots of making do.
for various reasons i've spent the past few weeks sleeping on the bottom bunk of a set of bunk bedsyes, seriously!!we are temporarily one bedroom short & so given the choice of a sofabed or a bunk bed (with a super-comfy mattress), i chose the's quite fun & i've never slept in one is a full length bed, i should add!
it's musical beds in our house right now, the other day i awoke to find my son had clambered down from the top bunk & squeezed in with me.i was somehow simultaneously snoozing whilst clinging, bat-like, to the side of the's been interesting!!
i don't need a lot of things to be content, but i do love my bed. add that to the list of things i miss.
my days feel different living in this temporary state, with furniture that isn't mine & projects in every single room.we have a clear vision of what this new house will become.some days i feel more confident about that vision than others! 
don't get me wrong, it is a great challenge to have. we have a house, a roof over our heads, my family of four are safe, warm, fed & clothed.
already i've been reminded of why i said no to taking on this house. many times.
i have to be positive & enthusiastic, for everyone elseeven on the days when i am not always feeling it!
i know though that it will be a wonderful house. we will get there.
we've decorated & had minor work done but nothing like this.wish us luck!!
So, Here's The Thing....
last night i went to my "book" group....i say "book" group because although we choose a book, the last two meetings have involved plenty of talking, just no mention of books. whatsoever.i really like these girls though, they are all mums from my son's class....lovely women....warm, thoughtful, generous, funny & great company.we've chosen our next book & we have vowed there will most definitely be literary discusssion next time. of sorts. 
i started the year stating that this was the year i would go to yoga classes.and i haven't.why do we do this?why am i doing this? it's not like we decide to do things that we don't want to do....we choose things that we really want to do. we write them on lists, tell friends we are going to do them, we think about them, we plan to begin tomorrow/next week/next month.and then we don't.
next month i am going to paris. i am also going to amsterdam,i told myself i would lose 10lbs before i went.i haven't lost 1lb. i haven't even attempted to!!so why did i tell myself i would - or that i wanted to?no idea.
can i tell you how excited i am to travel though?reeeeeeeeaally excited.
paris with with my family.fab & fabulous-er.
So, Here's The Thing....
so. this week-end.
it's mother's day here in the UK.
i am going to go for a walk/run on sunday morning.i am having lunch with my mom tomorrow.
the sun will shine.
i am going to bake a cake.i am going to start a book.
happy weekend.So, Here's The Thing....

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