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So Cheese-y

By Yonni @vegandthecity
I am sure I am not the only one who feels like they overindulged during Thanksgiving weekend. While I had neither turkey nor pie, this trendy vegan still ate plenty - and plenty more than usual.
I want to get back on track before vacation begins a few weeks from now, so I went to Whole Foods first thing Monday morning to see what healthy breakfast options I might find to bring to the office.So Cheese-yI have always loved these Wasa crackers, super crispy and high in fiber.
I was looking for a vegan sliced cheese I love but there was none in stock. Instead I found these new, creamy cheese-y creations: Smoky Chia Cheeze by Heidi Ho and Kite Hill's almond milk and chive spread.
So Cheese-yEach has a distinct flavor and texture (Heidi Ho suggests it be used as a vegan Alfredo sauce and it could) and Kite Hill would be great on a toasted bagel with thinly sliced tomato.  Head to your local Whole Foods or healthy market place and see if they have these for you to try for yourself!
So Cheese-y

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