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Snow(less) Day for Josie

By Vickilane


Snow(less) Day for JosieWednesday there was no school. It was a snow day, but it didn't snow here. But some kids live higher up and the roads might be dangerous, so we all got a day off. I gave Meema a music lesson. I sang and she rang a bell when I pointed to it and shook the tambourine when I pointed to it, and she had to STOP when I banged on my drum. She did okay but sometimes she wouldn't stop. I think I could be a good music teacher and I bet my students would do what I said.                                                               Snow(less) Day for JosieGrumpy made a fire in the stove in The Room so it was nice and warm. I made a zoo with the Legos and had people ride in the zoo car to see the animals. There is a penguin and a toucan and an elephant and a giraffe.                                                     Snow(less) Day for Josie
I brought up Rose and Lily and Sally from my house so they could have a play date with Dolly and Margo.
                                                Snow(less) Day for Josie
Meema and I read stories about Fly Guy who is the pet of a boy named Buzz. I can read almost every word. I also did some coloring. This is Rapunzel
Jenny and Bailey watched.
Snow days are lots of fun, even if there's no snow.
Snow(less) Day for Josie

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