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Snow Much Fun!

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

Well what an afternoon Little Mr A and I have had!  We thought we would get out in the snow and make the most of it instead of sitting inside moaning about it….

First we (well I) made a snowman…

Had to improvise with food colouring and chip spice!

Had to improvise with food colouring and chip spice!

Then Little Mr A made snow angels (he was on his own with this one, I’m not completely stupid!)…

He's 'snow' angel!

He’s ‘snow’ angel!

Then came the most fun I have had in ages (I need to get out more!).  In the park next to our house is a small hill (well not really a hill but a bit of a mound) so I dug out a tray (seen as we have no sleigh) and we spent ages taking it in turns to ‘sledge’ down the hill – even Daddy came out for two minutes for a turn.





Even Big Mr A couldn't resist a go!

Even Big Mr A couldn’t resist a go!



I love having days like today, it makes me remember what fun it is to be a Mum and why I had children in the first place, it’s not all shouting and stress!

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