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By Chelsey5 @chelseysullivan

A few days ago my family and I woke up to a bunch of snow on the ground and lots more pouring out of the clouds.

It was great!

We had not gotten a big snow since we moved from North Dakota back to Wyoming.


The kids could barely wait till they could go outside!

They were eager to build a snowman and igloos. (Though neither were made)

After breakfast I gave them the go ahead to get all suited up.

The boys (without being asked) started shoveling the sidewalk.

Though after watching them for a few minutes I figured out that the side-walk may never become uncovered.

They mostly just wanted to play with the shovels.

So now we have a kinda-sorta shoveled walk.

Since the kids were outside looking adorable I decided to snap a few pictures and try to figure out the best way to photograph with all the white beaming through my lens.


I have to say I thought all the white light would make it hard but I love how some of these turned out.

Especially this one of Faith.

Faith hard at work shoveling the patio.

 (Or maybe just pushing snow around with a shovel but hey, she was trying so I can’t complain.)

Her brothers were hard at work too.

Jacob and Jonah were actually getting some snow off the walkway.

Jude was helping in his Jude way.


Jude was determined to eat all the snow off the walkway.


Can I just take a minute to tell you how much I adore this child.

He has such a wonderful character!

He always has some hilarious explanation about why he does things the way he does.

In his head they always make sense.

In mine….not so much.

But that is what I love about him!

Here are all my wonderful sons working and playing hard.

You cannot tell in the picture because of the snow cover but they are in fact working hard at shoveling off the…….grass.


 Now my level-headed older son had just realized that they were no longer shoveling the side-walk.

So he is now giving his brothers a proper pep talk about why we need to shovel the side-walk….. not the grass.

After the pep talk was over they set back to work.


Once again uncovering the sidewalk.

Showing off their cute buns.


Jonah’s snow removal was interrupted by his pesky mother begging for a picture.

It was worth it.


Jacob was determined to clear every bit of snow because he did not want anyone to slip and fall.

His heart of gold makes mine melt like snow.

He is such a sweet, hard-working boy.

They all did a great job and they had a blast playing in the snow at the same time.


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