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SNEEZES AND SNIFFLES –New Book for Grade 3 Reading Program

By Carolinearnoldtravel @CarolineSArnold
SNEEZES AND SNIFFLES –New Book for Grade 3 Reading ProgramYour head hurts.  Your nose drips.  You can’t stop sneezing.  You have a cold!  My new little book, Sneezes and Sniffles, answers kids questions about colds and helps them practice their reading skills at the same time.  The book is part of the Fountas Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (Grade 3) level RED, published by Heinemann. The cartoon-like illustrations, which are perfect for the book, are by Glin Dibly.
The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI) is a small-group, supplementary intervention designed for children who find reading and writing difficult. LLI is designed to bring children quickly up to grade-level competency.
LLI serves those students who need intensive support to achieve grade-level competency. These children are the lowest achieving children in the classroom who are not receiving another supplementary intervention. Each lesson in the LLI system also provides specific suggestions for supporting English language learners who are selected for the system.
LLI is the creation of reading experts Irene Fountas, at Lesley University, and Gay Su Pinnell, at Ohio State University.  In April, they gave a presentation at IRA in Chicago which I attended and I was impressed with the videos they showed that demonstrated how effective their system is in helping children learn to read and developing their confidence.  I am pleased that Sneezes and Sniffles is part of this successful program.

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