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Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth

By Vegsmoothiebunny
Hi guys! Today's a really exciting day for me because I've decided to throw caution to the wind and just upload the videos I talked about in my previous post! (y'know, the one where I panicked a bit because all the feedback I got was 'why you so chapalang!', 'why never do your hair!', 'you should put on a bit of makeup!', 'isn't that your home clothes?' BUT NO NO NO. I've decided that if I want to break the cycle I've to stop being part of it. :)
ANYWAY, here's a sneak preview of what I've been working on --

we set a timer to how fast I can meal prep my food in the morning and even I got a shocked! 4 min 8 sec?! Totally easy to bring your lunch to work! For lunch that day, I had chicken curry, broccoli and brown rice! All washed down with yummy, revitalising old cucumber pork ribs soup kept warm in my thermal flask! :D
If you think it's very professionally done, it's because it is! I'm super honoured to have the great and mighty Kenneth from FreshfromKenneth to be doing the videos for me. Of course I know nothing about photography or videography (most of the photos on this blog are erm, hastily taken with the iphone 5) so watching him do it up was like magic!
This is not an advertorial nor was any money discussed or exchanged between us in presenting these (this) videos. Kenneth just emailed me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to do something and to be honest, I had 2 other people who wanted to do photography/videos as well but they were both really brash and had all these ideas that were just not me. It also felt a lot like they didn't really care about health and just wanted to monetize EVERYTHING and build an EMPIRE. :/ So I just continued to use instagram to upload videos (HAHA)
What really struck me was that he has never once asked to be advertised for or anything like that. In fact, I had to bring up the question and ask him how I should acknowledge him in my videos. He looked a bit like a deer caught in headlights and mumbled something incoherent. HAHA. As you can see the video he sent me didn't even include a link to him -.- now I feel bad!
I know there may be people thinking then why in the world would he want to do this?! Well, I guess it's time to believe in the possibility that life can be made up of magical moments where people honestly and genuinely want to come together to create something with no expectation of reward or whatsoever. (Although to be honest, I bet it's because he saw my instagram videos on my mealprep and was practically frothing at the mouth and dying from my apparent lack of videotaking capability. His artistic talent must have motivated him to gently try and remove such horror from the world wide web haha)
Oh! I just realised I rambled on and on and said nothing about who Kenneth is-- he is a super mega dedicated WEDDING videographer/ photographer (and now he's filming my lunchboxes HAHAHA. oh life, you amuse me).
He does mainly wedding videography which you can check out here ( I have a huge love for watching wedding videos my favourite one has got to be Andy and Sonia's (Jayeslee) Wedding)
and he does photography as well! Here are some shots I got off his facebook page
He shoots babies and kids and music videos and pre wedding and AD and proposal and food and parties and.. (is there anything this guy doesn't shoot?!)
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth 
(Just realised his food photgraphy also not bad. Maybe I should make him take all my pictures for me instead. HAHA. Sorry, sorry, I know I am supposed to show you wedding photos)   Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Sneak Video Preview + Collab with FreshfromKenneth
Oh, oh, he was also the official videographer for FIDé Fashion Week in Singapore last year!
(Talk about skill :/)

Okay, so that's an intro to him! He never asked me to do this and he has never asked anything from me either but I just thought I'd do this as a little thank you to him for being so nice! So thank you Kenneth!
And actually when we come together we are just like ehmmm so what do you want to do and we just sit and he listens and hashes out ideas and he never ever asks me to do anything that I'm uncomfortable with or to sideline my personality and quirky craziness. He comes up with all the creative concepts after listening to me and what I stand for. In fact, when I asked him if the videos were a bad idea because of the cold feet issue I had after filming, he said that he would totally reshoot it if I wanted (T.T talk about touched and overwhelmed. Remember he is doing this for no personal gain) but that he thought it was more 'me' to be real. SO YES, if you are looking for a professional wedding videographer/ photographer who really knows his stuff and who takes the time to really understand you and encourage your personality (isn't your wedding all about you?), then I'd say Kenneth is the guy for you. You can also find him on Wedding Scoop to read reviews on him (and hehheh, check out other videographers in comparison as well --hey, all's fair in love war and videography--- may the best man win!)
Anyway, enough about Kenneth HAHA. I think I've never written so much about another guy before. What would be the boyfriend say eep! (hehhheh, probably 'I'm hungry' -.-) Go check him out for yourself if you are interested or leave a comment if you have questions!
Grace :)
p.s sorry my updates and random and not consistent at all but blogging is my hobby and life beckons! Promise I'll keep coming back to this space though. I love each and every one of you wonderful people!

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