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Smoking : A Verb That Kills !

Posted on the 17 November 2011 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

Smoking : A Verb That Kills !Smoking is a voluntary decision. You pick it up at a primitive age when you cannot make your decisions on your own. Most people indulge in it due to peer pressure or because it runs in the family.

It’s always your decision, to be or not to be? When you inhale the first smoke of cigarette, you voluntarily commit to lose your non –smoker tag. I have asked many people mostly my friends why they started it and I always got answers which lead to the conclusion that most people had experienced peer pressure which triggered the first drive.

I could write paragraphs explaining how tobacco smoking affects your life but the fact is that by now even an 11 year old kid can tell that it will cause Lung Cancer. I am just going to skip the boring pathology and etiology to myself for my boards and I am just going to share my views on smoking.

There was a time when I could not bear my friends smoking, always felt the urge to throw the cigarette stick from them. I always felt that informing them about the future was right thing to do. The fact is that most smokers already know the consequences of smoking and explaining them that is just fruitless.

I devised some tactics for discouraging smoking in your family. Here are some points:

• Kids / children mimic their parents, If You smoke then there are 50 % chances that your children will smoke as well. It’s a part of the developmental process of the child’s personality to pick up characteristics from you.

• If you have friends who smoke with you, tell them about passive smoking. Even If you don’t smoke the smoke from the friend’s cigarette can make you a susceptible target for lung cancer.

• I have seen Boys losing girlfriends over smoking. So Men, decide, what you want? A warm compassionate living person of the opposite sex, who is available although out your life time or just a cold stick of cigarette which decrease your life span by several years?

• Women around the world find smoking more intriguing these days and next to Breast Cancer, smoking is the second leading cause of death for them. You want to Bitch Slap men? Try Quitting Smoking. Chances are you better off without it! Why die early when you still have chances to see the next century?

• Don’t manipulate people. Smoking is not a habit it is an option to decrease your life span for several years. I would say, offer anti depressant to these people.

Some People read this post and inhale the smoke at the same time which is followed by mockery at what I have just written. Here is a paragraph for you:

“Smoke as much as you want! But don’t get disappointed when you hear your babies fetal heart sound and get diagnosed with 3rd stage Lung Cancer at the same time. Dudes or Dudettes You just wasted few seconds of your life smoking but you minimized your life by several years!”

Stop pretending to smoke less, there is no such thing as smoking less every day. Mr. Barrack Obama, quit smoking years back and I guess that was the most important decision that he made till now! Start now, QUIT, QUIT, QUIT!

Happy Quitting People!

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