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Smells Like Fish?

Posted on the 15 September 2014 by Calvinthedog

Ronnie wrote:

I have had the misfortune to have experienced a few Caucasian women with dubious personal hygiene, and whilst I do not want to dwell upon the memory, it was expected unpleasant body odour.

The only bad smell a vagina can have is sweat. That sweat smell can be bad though. It’s like licking a stinky armpit.

It is quite normal for a vagina to have sort of a wild, strong, musky, animal type smell. It ought to smell like that.

But if you wash it all the time, a vagina often won’t smell like anything. I have been with some women lately whose vaginas didn’t smell like anything whatsoever. They all washed their vaginas regularly in the shower with soap and water.

All that macho bullshit about fishy smell is nonsense. If a vagina smells fishy, she has an infection of some sort or another, period. Vaginal infections often have a fishy smell about them. Guys who go on about “smells like fish” or “Pussy stinks!” are really insulting the whole female gender. We ought to knock it off. Anyway, what’s the alternative? What else are you going to have sex with? I suppose you could turn always turn gay and never be bothered with that awful smelling vagina again, but now you are into anuses, and those smells way worse than vaginas on a bad day. Straight men ought to get over their complexes about the smell of vaginas. It is sexist and insulting to women on little rational basis.

I have noticed that women who were emotionally upset with a lot of anxiety, depression or even personality disorders or psychotic-like disorders often tended to have a strong smell about their vaginas. I haven’t the faintest idea why, but I kept getting the feeling that keeping your vagina smelling nice had something to do with emotional stability.

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