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Smear Campaign

Posted on the 29 May 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
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Finger pointing politics and the rhetoric in government has gotten completely out of control. Political debates and elections have become a disgusting display of rattling the skeleton bones in the opponent’s closet. Many politicians go as far as to hire an investigator to dig up tasty tidbits for the hungry vultures called the media. This type of campaigning has turned our politics into a circus that is causing consequences that will last a lifetime. Persons in a higher position in society and government have an obligation to set an example by adhering to a stricter set of standards. There was a time when holding a position in office was revered and only the righteous could serve – anything less was tyranny.

This behavior is unacceptable under any criteria. If indeed an opponent feels another candidate is behaving unethically or criminally they should privately go to a superior or legal professional instead of the media. The only rational reason a politician goes to the press is to hurt the reputation of the other candidate via the media. Furthermore, the only practical answer for such behavior is that the candidate wishes to divert attention from his own actions, thus making them seem like the better choice for power. Such candidates should be removed from the ticket and banned from running for office in the future.

Politicians have an obligation to act in a way that is flattering to America and its people, to set an example of excellence and patriotism, as well as, keep public order and respect. Unfortunately this is no longer the standard, instead – they lie, cheat, and spread rhetoric, and that is not for the greater good of all people. The people of America have an obligation to put an end to this behavior (peacefully) by refusing to take part in the political process until higher standards are met; we have failed our duty of obligation, moral ideals, and consequences. And, mark my words, if the people of America fail in their obligation in this area, the consequences will be devastating.

America is now reaping the consequences of past elections and choices in the political genre. The people’s voting obligations have been pushed aside to make room for the struggles of family, taxes, education, work, unemployment, and growing technology; we no longer research candidates running for office- it takes too much time. In addition, we count on the media to bring us fair and balanced coverage, basing our choices from the 60-second smear campaigns that flash in-between our favorite movie. The American People have an obligation to vote responsibly and mindful, with the greater good of all in mind.

If every person voted as if they would die at the exact moment they marked their ballot and the only people who the choice affected was those left behind (no personal gain), our choices might be different and more beneficial to everyone- not just ourselves. Until humankind stops voting selfishly, this kind of political behavior will continue. All American citizens have an obligation and duty to the greater good of all people, politicians, citizens, and government – no exceptions. It is more patriotic to not vote at all than to vote for someone whom does not have America’s best interest at heart; patriotic duty is more than the right to vote – it is making sure the candidate is worthy of office and power.


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