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Smart Ways to Slash Sugar

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by Health_news

Smart ways to slash sugar

Sugar is called the slow poison and is included in every food that we consume since the morning coffee to the dinner dessert. You don’t even know the type of food items that have sugar. Even if they don’t taste sweet they have a lot of sugar in them. High sugar boosts in the body can lead to heart disease, weight gain, tooth decay and diabetes. It is observed that Americans consume 22 teaspoons sugar everyday which is double that of what the experts say. But this sugar can be slashed with easy methods without trying real hard.

There are some smart ways to slash sugar intake. The following strategies can be used to cut down the sugar consumption.

  • Use alternatives to sugar like the natural sweeteners, canned juice and honey. Honey can certainly have a lot of advantages over the refined sugar. This alternative to sugar has to be counted in the daily sugar consumption quota. Also, never get fooled by the names like organic or raw sugar, as all the names are same and sugar is sugar.
  • Daily Quota – This is the first step to decide the sugar consumption quota of the day. Find out and calculate how much sugar you are eating in a day and find out the average consumption. The American Heart Association suggests that every woman should consume 24 grams of sugar per day, which is not more than 9 teaspoons. Save the daily quota of sugar consumption for the food that tastes great.
  • All artificial sweeteners shouldn’t be feared and there are lots of brands in them. Certainly some are healthier than others and buy a branded stuff which is safe.
  • Sweetened fruit juices and canned juices have more sugar than normal. Don’t drink them regularly as some may have less juice and more sugar. Branded and established names are better.
  • Soft drinks also top the list in high sugar department where the 20 ounce bottle has 70 grams of sugar which is more than double of the daily quota of a woman. Find a soda alternative that is healthy like tender coconut water or find the zero calorie soda.
  • Desserts can add up those extra kilos but that doesn’t mean that cut down on the desserts completely. Satisfy the sweet tooth with the small part of the dessert. Find out the healthy dessert options which have less sugar in it.
  • Think about quality over quantity. Savor every bite of the dessert you eat. It can be a bite of chocolate or a piece of cake. Learn to satiate with that pleasure instead of eating a pound and adding up the sugar levels in the body.
  • Sugar can be swapped for other food items in the food like spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg can also make the food taste better and sweet. Including cinnamons in the food helps lower the blood sugar levels down.
  • Eat a high protein diet that has eggs, cereal and Oatmeal can give you energy throughout the day.

Don’t get trapped when the entire world is talking about the bad effects of health on our body and slash it the smarter way. Above smart tips will surely help you slash your sugar intake and lead to a healthy life.

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