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Smart Phones - Smart Suraksha,Personal Safety and Choices

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Smart Phones - Smart Suraksha,Personal safety and choices
I belong to the era when mobile phones just invaded normal life.I belong to the era when women were relatively free and safe in Delhi. No I am not as old as Sheila Dixit,but I am not a gauche young teenager any more.
I remember a time whne traveling in DTC buses was the norm and Auto Rickshaw drivers were a little more trust worthy. The roads may have been less crowded ,but they were safer.
I remember a time when incoming calls cost 64rs a minute.When cell phones were as big as a novella and heavy.
Today,I am a smart phone user,where my smart phone is used only 10% of the time to make phone calls.
Amongst other things.
I have a story to tell.
A story of three girls .
Three responsible girls who were brought up in responsible,loving and caring,educated households. Three girls who dressed like normal teenagers and never stood out in their flamboyant style...
This is an incident that took place on the Ring Road,Delhi way back in the early 1990s...
A regular day of college always entailed being back much before dark. But then there were some days when they were also allowed to let their hair down once in a while...
They were on their way back from Siri Fort in south Delhi towards Rajouri Garden...
If you have driven around Delhi in the time before it was band aided with Flyovers and the Metro, you would remember that the road from Dhaula Kuan to Brar square was a lonely stretch in which it always made sense to speed.
At about 7ish in the evening,these girls were speeding home when one of tyres burst. fortunately,managing to stabilise the car, they moved to the side of the road,tied up their hair and removed all traces of make up(after getting over the initial panic and screams) and got around to fixing the tire.
15 minutes later,they realised that a couple of cars with men ogling out of the windows were slowing down.
One car stopped,parked and came sauntering to ask for help.
It was then the girls wished they had something for their SURAKSHA...
No ideas about the Apps that would make situations like this easy to handle,they were only wishing they had a mobile phone to call Delhi Police...
And answering their prayers...
A white Police gypsy just slows down.
A cop asked in his typical Haryanavi tone..."Gaadi ka tire panchare ho gaya ke chori?"
The gentleman slunk away in the meanwhile....
And then proceeded to help them replace the Tyre and send the m on their way.
They sure wished they had a Smart Suraksha App with them to help them out that evening.
I am a  smart phone user.
Relatively nouveau,relatively excited.
But I bought it and loaded it up with all my music and pictures and all my episodes of Grey's Anatomy.
Yes I have added a memory card.
I don't particularly like slow.
I realised that the fun apps aside ,smart phones offer the users unique features that can be of great help at all times. I discovered these apps and features one at a time.
My phone needs a Smart Suraksha App...So I can make sure I am safe...
I seek smart Suraksha to keep up with the times.The strees may not be safe,but I can keep myself safe.
I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart 
Suraksha App.

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