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SLS Water Resistant Dual Pocket Run Belt Review

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611


I recently received the SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt to try out. You may remember it wasn’t too long ago that I had the opportunity to do a review on their cute pink butterfly compression calf sleeves (which I still wear and would still totally recommend). I was happy to give this belt a try too. I noticed when looking at their website that they are expanding their inventory on belts too. Their collection has grown a lot and now they include belts to hold your iPhone, your bib number, hydration bottles, etc. Today, though, I’m going to tell you about their dual pocket belt.


While most of you know my color of choice is PINK and not green, I will admit that this comes in a nice shade of green. Their color choices for this dual pocket belt consist of green, blue, black and purple (which on my laptop seems to look like pink to me).

This belt retails at $29.90 but right now, the SLS3 Amazon store has it on sale for just $12.90 (which more than 50% off)!! You really can’t beat that price!!! They are also offering 40% off the products on their Official Website HERE, if you use the code “BLOG40

There are buckles on each side of the pockets, which is really nice and makes this fitness belt very adjustable. I’m no small girl here, and I’ve actually tried others where the adjuster was on one side only and I couldn’t wear them. This belt can definitely be personalized to fit perfectly.


I’ve experienced other belts with the adjusters on one side only, so I appreciated that the fit on this one could be personalized a lot more. The pockets themselves are lined with a top-grade waterproof polyurethane lining so your sweat doesn’t soak through and ruin your electronics (or other belongings).  The zipper is even waterproof and can sustain any type of weather.

And speaking of those pockets – they are amazingly accommodating – aka LARGE. The belt is made with polyester with special stretch mesh gusseted pocket. I tried my friend’s Samsung Note 5 and it even fit that big tablet looking phone. It fits my iPhone 6S very nicely and then I used the second pocket for gels and other stuff. I wore the belt when I ran the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon.  Since it didn’t match my running outfit that day, no pictures were taken (sorry SLS3), but I can tell you this thing didn’t move or bounce at all. As long as you place it on your hips instead of your waist, it will stay and you won’t have any adjustment issues. I barely even noticed I was wearing it and almost forget until I reached in to get a cough drop.

If you are in need of a belt for running – or even for going to the mall – like I said above, you can pick this up on Amazon right now for a seriously discounted $12.90! Here’s the AMAZON LINK!!

I received this product without cost in exchange for this, my honest and unbiased opinion.

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