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Sleep Puzzle .. Lack of Sleep is a Disease

Posted on the 29 December 2012 by Byfitnessgym92
Sleep Puzzle Sleep puzzle of the mysteries of life, such as gravity and magnetic field and the rotation of the Earth as scientists assert who still to this day are perplexed about why we sleep, but they agree that good sleep is an essential for good health.
Between six or eight hours a day is the rate required to sleep and all that increased or decreased this rate indicates deficiencies that would have bad effects on health status.
In contrast, Few sleep may turn into a chronic disease found to serious complications, including a weakened immune system and increase the rate of tumor growth, have proven tests conducted on laboratory animals that tumors grow at a rate increase between two to three times the normal rate if the campus animal sleep or forced to sleep patterns.
Idle and lazy
The experiments also demonstrated that sleep deprivation speeds of obesity and diabetes, because it Aharalamra hungry even if he had eaten shortly before.
Of course, lack of sleep enough even for one night affects one apathy and laziness in the next day and the inability to mental focus as it reduces its ability to solve the problems faced by or good behavior about difficult situations.
In recent pollen number of scientists theory that sleep deprivation confuses the biological clock, and makes the body reduces the secretion of the hormone "melatonin" known for his ability to fight cancer through the crush elements free that cause cancer, and this is the reason why tumors grow more rapidly with lack of sleep or sleep deprivation.
Vitality and freshness
And confer healthy sleep on the skin vitality and freshness while speeding sleep deprivation wheel of progress in age, because it interferes in the secretion of pituitary growth hormone.
It is medically known that this gland secretes growth hormone only during deep sleep, and during the exercise of certain types of sport, which means that healthy sleep maintains the freshness of youth.
As well, deprivation of sleep increases the risk of many stress-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and stomach ulcers, constipation and depression.
Here are some wrong actions that cause insomnia or lack of sleep:
Sleeping pills
Many mistakes while taking hypnotic drugs before they try to remove the causes of insomnia, believing that these drugs are the solution to all problems, forgetting the fact that sleep is natural and should come naturally as well.
Not bring anything new when we say that the sleeping pills a lot of negative reactions harmful .. Psychological damage and bodily harm, not least the feeling drowsy during the day.
And those who know the rhetoric of taking sleeping pills they become a kind of addiction, if one of them has ceased to deal days gaining أرقه to the next several days, which motivates him to increase the dose of intake of these pills while Ajavih sleep or when he wakes up from his sleep in the middle of the night.
Stay in bed
The second mistake, which is located where the majority of insomniacs is a belief in the necessity to stay as long as possible in bed in the hope that this provides a better chance of consuming of sleep.
Specialists say that the longer the time spent in bed during the night without sleep, the more the relationship in your subconscious mind between the bed and the insomnia.
With time becomes sleep soundly infinitely more arduous, because your subconscious mind, as well as your body, becoming more and more convinced that it is supposed to remain awake in bed instead of sleep and rest.
Experts advise not to go to bed unless you feel sleepy really, if it happens that I went to bed and did not cover in sleep during the twenty minutes you have to leave to cut imaginary relationship between the bed and insomnia.
While spend less time in bed without sleeping have found yourself feeling frustrated, which controls one when his attempts fail to sleep, but his body is not ready to sleep at that time.
Base is not gold
The third mistake, which is located where many is the belief that sleep eight hours a day golden rule not be ignored, Valmt_khasson assert that it is not the golden rule, and there is no specific number of hours of sleep, because everyone is different, and what he needs this person may not suit another.
What your body needs hours of sleep depends on how you feel during the day, which varies from one person to another. If you enjoy lively throughout the daylight hours after spending six hours of sleep .. Do what is required of you in your business .. Enjoy spending time with the one you love after you finish work without feeling sleepy, it means that I do not sleep enough hours, which is all that is needed your body and mind to restore vigor and vitality.
It is necessary to give sleep health priority in our daily lives so that record for a week only the number of hours we spend in sleep a day, and then record a truthful description of feelings throughout the day. Do you enjoy lively, or drowsiness Agalbna? Do you feel comfortable, or are feeling tired controls us?
Useful for the body and mind
This does not mean to minimize the importance of napping for people who do not suffer from insomnia, they are useful for both body and mind, as they re-shipped energetic .. Quarter of an hour or twenty minutes is enough, it is important not to sleep soundly for hours, because if you do you will surely feel sleepy after you wake up from this long siesta.
Among the alternative activities for a nap, and with which to recharge your body and mind active and vital, relax with a useful book you read, or listen to some soothing music, and then a snack followed by light exercise also for a few minutes .. Breathe deeply and some Swedish terminate games heated shower.
Such rituals can become useful with time usually enough to increase daily dose of vigor and vitality, plus they make you feel better from insomnia.
Reading and television
Of errors that are common to many, the belief that reading or watching TV in bed bring long-term sleepiness.
The opposite is true as according to experts, reading up or television programs active brain if you follow what was read or watched with interest, and for TV its Vmtabah programs running sight, hearing and neither encourages the brain to sleep. And about the same thing is said about reading the book, Vtkulaib Pages urges a relaxing activity and excludes required to sleep.
Likely that many will regain memories of the past, when one of them spend hours reading a book, or pursue programs television while lying on the bed, and then deep in sleep as if nothing had happened.
Asking them to remember that the time has changed, and age may offer life and circumstances have changed are the other .. In the past, insomnia did not know his way to them, but today has gathered its causes.
If you are interested in reading or watching television before going to sleep, it is recommended that satisfy your desire in another place, not in the bedroom.
Siesta error
Of the mistakes that many: siesta error, any confusion between natural sleep at night and nap in the daytime hours, some imagined that the time spent in the siesta has nothing to do hours sleep nightly, while the body in need of a specific number of hours of sleep a day. If grown an hour or two during the day, this means that the hours of nocturnal sleep should decrease an hour or two. If you can not sleep through the night, Fiqilolh afternoon is responsible.
So if you think you need to sleep eight hours during the night in order to face the next day with vigor and vitality, just dispense with a daytime nap or shorten the time as much as possible.
The specialists say sleep soundly quickly and simply lie down in bed does not depend on the level of sleepiness, but also on the number of hours he spent one awake, if he had enjoyed Bakilolth he should turn a blind eye for insomnia, which inevitably will develop.

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