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Slajz - Place Where Priests Do Not Come

Posted on the 28 July 2011 by Kayakingserbia
Slajz - Place where priests do not comeThe plan was quite simple ... Right across the bridge over the Danube, near the village Beska there is a combination of ponds and bayous surrounded by thick forests.The idea was to visit Arkanj. At the beginning of one of the river bayous is the place called "The end of the World", bohemian tavern without electricity and water. This is a place that is often being referred as "forgotten in time" and it is also a place where you can taste a superb fish meals. People call it "heaven on earth." Tavern can be seen even from the motorway but it's access way is through the village Kovilj. You can not miss. Going through to the very end, when you reach the end of asphalt road, you are there. When you see on each pole nest with storks, know that you are on the right track. We come to the water and being already accustomed to inconvenience, we expect some problems to occur. And there you go, kind gentleman approached us and said that the bayou in front of us is forbidden for paddling, actually restricted use of private water vehicles...
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