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Skincare | Korean Sheet Masks

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Korean Sheet MasksSkincare | Face Mask SheetsSheet Masks are pretty HUGE in Korea. It’s no secret that the KoreanWomen have the much younger and brighter skin when compared to their counter parts. Their logic being simple - intense hydration is the key to younger and brighter skin; and with the results so visible it’s hard not to believe. I was no exception!!It’s been a while since I have been addicted to KoreanSkincare. I have incorporated serums, essence, facial mists, sheets masks and even nose strips as part of my daily skincare routine. Putting aside the instant visible results, the long term results are pretty amazing too.For today, am here to share what I Love so much about these Korean Sheet Masks.
So what are these Sheet Masks?Face Mask Sheets are usually cotton sheets that are doused in serum-based formulas. These enriched sheet masks deliver the essential vitamins and minerals instantly and directly to the skin and hence the results are instant and addictive.
What are they used for?
Korean Sheet Masks
Best Used for
To Boost HydrationThese sheets doused in liquid-based formulas come in many variations - lifting, preventing acne, hiding fine lines etc., but one thing that all these variants are good at is boosting the hydration of the skin leaving it supple, soft, smooth, younger looking and often brightening too.
To Infuse Skin with essential amino acids, vitamins and mineralsThese sheets like mentioned before, are doused in liquid based formulas which are actually high performance serums. They not only boost intense hydration to the skin but also supply amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help the skin to heal, repair and glow almost instantly.
To Boost Plumpness and BrightnessLack of sleep and working conditions including extreme heat and cold temperatures often lead to dryness, dullness and show fine lines on the skin. As much as a regular hydration is important, an intense hydration treatment becomes mandatory to keep the skin supple, soft and to keep the fine lines at bay. This sheet mask treatment varying anywhere from 15-30 mins, provides the skin with much essential hydration and vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help to skin to look plump and bright instantly.
Here’s how to Use –
  • Cleanse and tone the face.
  • Put on the sheet mask and relax.
**How I love to use –
  • Deep clean the face (I love ElizaVecca Milky Piggy Elastic Pore Cleansing foam, a Charcoal face wash) and use a mild face scrub.
  • Tone the skin
  • Use serum
  • Put on the mask (till its dry, takes upto 30 mins)
  • Finish off with a sleeping mask (this seals in the moisture and leaves the skin super soft and glowing the next morning)
P.s – I love Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleep Mask and Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack.
For me cleansing+toning+30 minutes of having a sheet mask – absorbing all of the moisture and beneficial minerals is a pure bliss. It’s like a mini facial but less cheaper and without stepping out of home. And with such instant results – plumper and brighter face, it’s so addictive!!
If this still didn’t convince you, here are some pros and cons that can summarize the whole rant -
Pros –Intense HydrationBrighter and plumper skin instantlyMini Facial results but way cheaper
Cons –Availability is the only issue.
Most of these mask sheets are only available on Korean sites, except for few like Dermal and Innisfree (which are also available locally but only in few selected cities) only buying option is Online. But with sites like W2Beauty, Wishtrend, Jolse, Cosmetic-Love, Style Korean, Skin18 and eBay; shopping for these would never be a problem.
Here are some links and discount coupons, feel free to use -
  • W2Beauty - During Registration, use code 03158207 for 5$ discount
  • WishtrendDuring registration use code 193135909 for an instant 5$ discount
  • Cosmetic-Love – Click here to get a special 15% discount
That said, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin since I have started using the sheet masks. I use once / twice a week and often change the type of sheet am using depending on my skin’s requirement.
P.s – Using a serum (let the skin absorb completely) prior to using a sheet mask has shown amazing results.I like to use Vit C serum prior to using a Vit C sheet mask and simply use hyaluronic serum prior to other mask sheets.However, what suits me might not always suit you. Pls proceed with caution and stick to good brands and always shop from trusted sites and sellers (in case of eBay).
Hope you find this post useful!Let me know which Korean Skincare routine you follow? Do you have any particular suggestions for me?
Much Love
Skincare | Korean Sheet Masks

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