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Inspirations and Ideas | Walk-in Closet

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
„Warme Farben unterstreichen meine Persönlichkeit. Das gilt auch in meinem Zuhause.“ : Dressing room by Elfa Deutschland GmbH „Warme Farben unterstreichen meine Persönlichkeit. Das gilt auch in meinem Zuhause.“ by Elfa Deutschland GmbH
An important factor in designing a master bedroom is including a walk-in closet that suits the theme and mood of the room. In fact, a walk-in closet is more like a room in itself which demands quality accessories, doors and drawers that compliment the theme, and a wonderful finish with smart storage options.Here are few key elements in having a great walk-in closet –
Designated Shoe ShelvesWhether it’s a closet made for one or two, a place assigned to shoes not only eases out whole picking out process but also adds that stylish component to the whole closet. Imagine a place and/or a corner that can be used not only to organize the shoes but also showcase the best items. Nothing can beat this one!
Dressing room by vAvien İç Mimarlıkby vAvien İç Mimarlık
Jewelry/ Accessory Drawers
This is one of the must haves of any closet. Be it inserts or a complete drawer in itself; easy to organize and easy-to-use option creates not only convenience but also a beautiful display of the beloved items.
Multiple Hanging AreasOne of the smart storage ideas, it not only simplifies and de-clutters the closet but also helps in organizing better. Short on space? This is one the best options to have in any closet besides it also can store a lot more than the regular ones allowing a little more room for the others.Pull-out accessories like belts, ties, scarves etc., maximize space and organization.
Other modern storage options include adjustable shelves and a whole lot of mix of drawers, baskets and hanging rails that can be used to take hang and/or organize every type of garment.
That said the other elements that can add a total different touch to the closet are:
Spotlights -Incorporating these over the display shelves – esp shoe shelves and the jewelry drawers gives the closet a personal boutique sort feel. Now who can resist that?
Detail Schuh- und Handtaschenregal : Modern Storage by alegroo—interior design Detail Schuh- und Handtaschenregal by alegroo—interior designMini sofa or a cushion chair –Nothing is personalized unless you add this to the closet. Vibrant hues, earthy tones and pretty prints; be it anything it not only gives you the comfort and convenience of sitting for a while but also acts as a fashion element.
So whether you are renovating your old closet or hunting ideas for your new home; these are some basics that can help discuss with your designer to style your closet. Yes, dreamy and easy to organize closets can be yours now!
Much Love
Inspirations and Ideas | Walk-in Closet

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