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Skincare and Makeup : 10 Tips To Avoid Look Older

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
1. Use sunscreen, even on cloudy day. Apply 20 minutes before stepping out. 
2. During winters, skip the toner if you like. Splash of cold water will tighten your pores and do the job. 
3. Buy a moisturizer that contains a glycerin, hayluronic acid, and propylene glycol to draw water to the skin and emollient like dimethicone, petrolatum and coconut oil to prevent water loss
4. Night moisture must contain retinoid. Look for the "retinol" in the ingredients list. They can be irritating at first, so increase the amount you use until you can tolerate one each night. Research shows that this vitamin A derivative can undo wrinkles and discoloration caused by sun damage. 
5. Choose your foundation with these two words - sheer liquid formula and light-diffusing pigments. Use it in such manner that it doesn't sit in the fine lines of your face. It should be light and thin as your skin.
6. Skip the compact/powder if your skin type allows as powder eliminates the chances of your skin reflecting light. A nice and healthy skin is called "glowing" many times and that is because it reflects light.
7. Don't skip the blush. If your cheeks impart rosy glow use your lip balm/vaseline on cheeks. Sticky? Use a hint of nude cream blush.
8. Skip the eyeshadows if you like but don't skip the eyeliner. In case you choose eyeshadows, know that most eyeshadows come in three colors: the base (usually a very light taupe), a highlighter for the crease, and a main color for the lid. Start with the lighter colors first (the base) then the lid color and then the highlighter. Blend together so they don’t look like painted stripes on your eyelids.
9.  Do not skip mascaras. Black is good for almost all ages but you can also opt for blue shades but not too blue.
10. Dark lop colors - no-no. Use finger to apply lip color to avoid feathering, bleeding and patchiness. Opt for creamy formulas.
* I was inspired to write this post by an article on emaxhealth
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