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Skin Care :: Sleeping Packs

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
When i first came across this Sleeping Mask concept i wondered why its called so and more so ever if its just a hyped up night cream. But when its from Korean Brands like Etude House (am sorry i love everything Etude *-*) i had to give a try.I initially got my hands on this Skin Care kit from Etude House (read my review on one of the products here) to see how well the products fair. More excited for the whole Collagen thing, the products i used so far (Day Cream and Under Eye Cream) didn't disappoint me at all!!So i went ahead and ordered Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Mask (no trail earlier) in fullsize hoping it would fair just well like others.
Skin Care :: Sleeping Packs
While i just used for couple of times i am quite surprised by the way my skin felt and looked the next day morning. Soft, supple, dewy and well nourished look made me really happy. My skin often behaves strange and while its normally a combination skin and looks often a bit oily; suddenly it seems dry and less hydrated at times. And for the times like that and when i need a much needed slightly plumped up look (pls note its not a miraculous potion that instantly plumps up and neither its a skin plumping product) i tend to use this. And quite frankly i haven't been disappointed in the least!!
While i need a few more days to give my detailed opinion, this product seems much promising and for just $17.20 a sleeping pack from Etude House and that too from Collagen Moistfull Range is a must try!!
Why Sleeping Packs ::
Skin repairs itself at night everyday while we sleep and drift off to dreams (lol *-*). Its a slow healing process and all the more a good skin care routine (at night too) along with good diet is a must for good looking skin. These Sleeping Packs (also known as Overnight masks) are slightly thicker than the usual day or night creams and need to be applied in thin layers over the skin after the cleansing. These are non-sticky and need not be washed prior to hitting bed. The whole convenience is that they just work as any other usual pack that's put on during the day but without the waiting time, cleaning up and slathering up anything later to hold that moisture into the skin while we sleep peacefully. All these in just one pack and without any hassle, the skin looks great when you wake up. These packs infuse skin with much needed things (in my case a bit of collagen) and seal that moisture into skin. 
While there are many options out in market (refer online) suiting every skin need, these make a great investment into skincare if chosen a right product!!
That being said, now aren't these ideal for all the new-moms, work-a-holics and lazy ones (like me??) alike??
Buy the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack here
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Hope you find this post useful and hope you would find something that suits your skin's need. Feel free to suggest or ask any queries in comments section below.
I will be back soon with my detailed review on the Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack am using currently.
Till then ....
Much Love
Skin Care :: Sleeping Packs

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