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Skatro Mini Cruiser 22″ Skateboard Review

Posted on the 04 February 2018 by Skateboard

Skatro is mini cruiser skateboard is 22×6 inch retro style plastic board.this is exactly like penny board. It is just only a mini cruiser not a typical skateboard. Not just it is much smaller skateboard than a traditional skateboard, but it’s deck is made with a injected mold plastic. The impressive thing with this top skateboard is that it is extremely versatile because in ride it behaves like a longboard and a skateboard – the perfect hybrid board. While riding on this board, you will be impressed with its smooth ride, fast speeds, and its ability to take turn in quick speed. The durable and robust plastic deck is also capable of performing all types of stunts that you would do on all other skateboard. If we talk about this Skatro board, the designers at Skatro were very conscientious when designing all the parts of this skateboard. All the parts including wheels, trucks, bearings, screws and bolts manufactured from Skatro. Not any component are import from any other companies. In this company the engineers the engineers are full focused on design,style and functionality of the board; that is, all components are compliment each other.

Skatro Mini Cruiser 22″ Skateboard Review

Specifications of Skatro Skateboard

  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Pink, black, white, green, blue
  • Dimension : 22*6*3 inches
  • Weight : 7 pounds
  • Bearing : ABEC-7
  • Wheel : 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels
  • Truck : 3 inch Aluminium alloy
  • Wheel : 59 mm urethane wheels

Features of Skatro Skateboard

  • Skatro Flexy Technology

The Skatro Flexy Technology has its own manufacturing unit that ensures optimal flex on every Skatro Board. During manufacturing process, a specialized type of machine is used to calculate the quantity of plastic that is being used to moulded together. It ensures that each and every board is getting a amount of plastic injection which is pre- determined.. This is how it is able to maintain consistency in the hardness of all its Skatro Boards. Too much plastic makes the board too stiff while too little plastic makes the board too flexible. When the manufacturing of board is complete, a pressure check test is performed to ensure the board flexible to an expected level based on a different amount of weight applied to the center of the board.

  • Skatro Ultimate Abec 7 Bearings

Unlike traditional bearings that are carbon steel which were used in previous boards, the Skatro Ultimate Abec-7 bearings are made from “Bearing Steel” metal. Bearing steel metal isvery harder metal than carbon steel which helps reduce friction when the bearings are rotated. This increases speed and also smoothness when wheels are rotate. Furthermore, there is significantly less wear and tear on Bearing Steel because of its harder surface is capable of taking more physical pressure. The traditional used carbon bearings, passing over time will lose their ability to produce a smooth rotation because the metal structure eventually gets distorted from general wear and tear. With new Bearing Steel, never lose its performance because of its metal surface is much stronger.

  • East to ride
  • Light Weight
  • Looks like a penny board
  • Cheap in cost
  • Overall this product has excellent performance but some riders said it is difficult to make rigidity while riding itself on this board.


Overall Skatro Skateboard features are excellent and suitable for all age group people, especially for children because it comes in various colors variant.

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