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Sixth Sense

By Sahi
   What is the difference between a homo sapiens and the rest of the creatures????
when this question is asked in schools a child would say the ability to think.Is it really the ability to think that differentiates a homo sapiens with the rest of the creatures??? i doubt!!!
We meet so many people in our daily life.Even in our busy schedule we do not forget to notice the unique things in them or what they wear. but do we really bother to know how every individual is different from other??? what makes every person unique in their own ways??? sometimes even friends dont try  understanding  the inner person in you.
      A person is like a pendulum.The mind keeps oscillating from north to south.Sometimes a person feel really happy.Happy to the extent that blurs the things around him.He becomes the king of the elf land too!!!  And when the pendulum comes down, the radiant and the angelic surroundings fades off and he moves to the land of sorrows and difficulties,where the pessimistic attitude rules the person.
      I have seen so many people who are capable but without putting the effort or without even starting the process give up or put the blame on their fate.!!!  They are to be prescribed with some pills. Pills of motivation and provocation. This becomes a catalyst for them to ride their car on the road to success. But trust me i have never seen a Lion needing a inspiration to do its task. So may be this is one of the difference between the homos and the creatures!!!
       I had gone to attend a conference recently. The sessions went on smooth till the time when they announced there would be a quiz session conducted on whatever was discussed till then.There was a pin drop silence till the announcement was made( may be people felt the session was boring and drifted off to their dream land). Then a girl who sat beside me said that she was really tensed thinking of the possibility of being pointed out and asking questions.(she had noted down every word of what was discussed).asked for the reason she said she was scared to answer to in front of the whole crowd...
homos get scared of the creatures and the creatures get scared of the scared homos.


     when there are two best friends and one gets the best place to live in and the best job with salary and the other friend is in a moderate position,The latter would tend to be in the blues deep within.(the second friend would be defiantly happy for the first one but deep within he would feel bad for the position where he is when compared to his friends).Few take it as a challenge and  climb up the rope.And the other few just leaves  the  roap and fall down to depression.
will a tiger get depressed when another tiger gets its food???
     There is a small difference between being envious and jealous.True friends tend to get envious of the other but not jealous.When a friend gets jealous  of the things you do then that homo becomes a creature.
The creature can never become  homo sapiens. Even though they can be an apple of eye or come closer to becoming favorites.But surely the homos can become creatures.

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