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Six Nations and Allies Evict Enbridge Workers

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

Enbridge workers evicted from Grand River “Integrity Dig” site by Six Nations community members & allies #noline9 #nopipelines #notarsands

from Swamp Line 9

Individuals from Six Nations and their allies have interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. The work stoppage began around 10am this morning. Individuals involved asked workers to leave, asserting that the land is Haudenosaunee territory guaranteed under the Haldimand deed, and that Enbridge’s workers were present without consent or consultation.

“Meaningful consultation isn’t just providing information and going ahead without discussion – it’s giving the opportunity to say no and having a willingness to accommodate.” says Missy Elliot.

“Enbridge left a voice message on a machine with one person. That’s not meaningful – it’s not even consultation.” Emilie Corbeau, there in support of Six Nations points out.

Those involved intend to host an action camp, filling the time with teach-ins about Six Nations history, indigenous solidarity and skill shares centering on direct action.

The group states that they’ve tried the other processes available to them and here out of necessity. “We’ve tried pursuing avenues with the NEB, the township and the Grand River Conservation Authority. Our concerns were dismissed. What other choice do we have if we want to protect our land, water and children?” Missy Elliot of Six Nations asks.

Under bill C-45 the section of the Grand River adjacent to the Enbridge work site and pipeline is no longer protected. Approximately half a million people rely on drinking water provided by the Grand River.

“This isn’t just about line 9 – or Northern Gateway, Energy East or Keystone XL. This is about pipelines – all of them.” Daniell Boissineau, of Turtle Clan, asserts. “This is about the tarsands and how destructive they are to expand, extract and transport.”

“This is a continental concern. It’s not just a Six Nations issue or an indigenous issue. We share the responsibility to protect our land and water as human beings.” Elliot states.



from Toronto Media Co-op

Come stand with individuals from Six Nations & their allies who have shut down work on Enbridge’s line 9. Folks will host an action camp on site using this direct action as an opportunity to do teach-ins and skill shares centred around indigenous nationhood and direct action.
Line 9 is an avenue to expand the tarsands which threaten the water & land it must be stopped.

Come sleep with us under the stars & learn some skills!

There will be a few shuttles between Hamilton [Dundurn Plaza in front of McD’s near Dundurn Street], Cambridge [Across from Ainslie Terminal in the bowling alley parking lot] & Six Nations to the site throughout the day. See the facebook page for updates/times. Seats can be reserved by texting 647-636-3838.
Follow #shutitdown & #noline9 for updates!


The sig site is just north of Beverly Court/East of Highway 24 in North Dumfries [between Cambridge & Brantford]. You can access the site from the north side of Bethany Court.

*note: we don’t know what parking or police presence will be like in Bethany court. We’ll try to put out updates but take a peek at the maps to know your stuff & decide where you want to park etc!

The site is accessible by bike and very close to the Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge rail trail! It’ll be about a 20-30 minute bike ride from South Cambridge.

From Hamilton
Take the 403 West towards London. Get off at highway 24 & follow it north towards Cambridge. Turn Right on Lockie Road, left on Bethany.

From Cambridge
Take Highway 24 south out of Cambridge. Turn left on Lockie Road & left on Bethany.

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