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By Solarisastro @solarisastro

A very, very serious appeal to you all... Hi everyone. Being a full time Astrologer at times can be a wonderful job in helping people from all over the globe, however unless the bookings come in from people who want readings then it's just impossible to survive, and that my friends is where I am right now. So much research and hard work goes into all of my articles I write for you on Facebook and on my blog, and I suppose people have just got accustomed to getting whatever they need online without paying for it. Unfortunately no business nor any Astrologer can survive without an income. I know that I am truly appreciated, and I want to provide you all with wonderful free content in the future so that you can learn and understand this amazing subject, but unless the situation changes very rapidly then that's not going to happen, I will have to give up Astrology for good, and find a new path in life. I suppose I'm in a situation like Wikipedia or other free sites and services who need funding to keep on going. I recorded a video and a promotion last week which no doubt you've seen with the prize of a free reading, but on the back of it I have had no actual bookings :( Just to give you an idea off how much free content I have contributed in the past there's a link at the bottom of this message to "The Index" - a treasure trove of Astrological articles going back years that I have written in the past... You can help me thrive and flourish though if you are willing to donate just a little per month to keep things going. If everyone who likes my page on Facebook contributed as little as £5 per month, that's about $7 then I'd be truly fine, and I'd be able continue on as normal. Of course, I'd much rather get actual readings and consultations to do, but in the position I am right now I am being forced to make this appeal to you. If you are willing to help me to continue to survive in this business as a full time Astrologer I would so much appreciate it if you could set up a donation to keep things going. Sorry but I can only specify one currency, and so it's in UK pounds, my local currency. You can do that by clicking on the "LEARN MORE" button at the top of this page and that will take you to my website where at the bottom you can make a one off donation or a recurring one... Thank you ever so much for your help....
from Solaris Astrology

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