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Sissy Boys and Gay Men

Posted on the 23 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

I realize I have gay readers and that bullying effeminate boys is not good for the boys getting hit by it, but it is beneficial for incipient straight boys  in a sense because it hammers into your head that effeminate and faggoty behavior is absolutely not ok at all and you are never to act that way for any reason ever. It helps so that when boys grow up into straight men, they do not act effeminate because straight men should not act that way. It also keeps straight men from straying off the straight path into experimental or opportunistic homosexuality, which is extremely common behavior in young straight men.

It may also prevent bisexuality in men. Whether it prevents homosexuality also in men is not known, but it’s certainly possible. We still don’t know what causes homosexuality, but 75% of gay men were “sissy boys” when they were growing up*, so there is a strong link between sissy boy behavior and growing up to be a gay man. The implications of the link between the two behaviors is not known. We don’t know whether sissy boy behavior causes homosexuality or whether they are both representative of a common behavioral pathway that was set up beforehand.

* Note that fully 25% of sissy boys grow up to be heterosexual or straight-identifying men.

I am not sure what sort of men they turn into, but the boy who cried all the time later become one of my best friends. He was quite a soft, pretty and sensitive men and he got called gay all the time, but this guy was one of the most legendary womanizing slayers that ever lived. However, he also got into homosexual behavior later. I think he may have become bisexual because I hate to say it, but he always had a bit of an element like that in him.

I believe the last I heard of him, he was living in a big house in Santa Barbara with some woman. I assume that he probably married and had kids and turned into a suburban husband and father at some point. I have no idea if he knocked off the gay stuff, but he might have. I lost touch with him after he started queering around because you really cannot continue to associate with a guy who is doing that. It’s just not going to work at all.  I could give you some reasons for that, but that would be better for another post.

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