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Single, Married, Other.......

By Rubytuesday
My sister and I watched  a show about on line dating yesterday
It was quite the eye opener
I must admit
I have never used any on line dating site to meet someone
I guess what with a drug addiction and an ED
Meeting someone just wasn't on my agenda
When I was growing up
There was no Facebook
Or Twitter
Or Plenty of Fish
I met boys the old fashioned way
After school
When we went for a sneaky smoke behind the church
I went to an all girls school
And there was a boys school very near us
So we met up at lunch
Stole kisses where we could
It was all very innocent
When I was 14
I met my first boyfriend
He went to the technical school
Which was considered a doss school
He also lived in a rough area
I was always attracted to danger
I went out with this boy for about 8 months
But at that age
It felt like a life time
We were both huge Door's fans
We wrote each other love letters
I addressed mine to 'Jim'
He addressed his to 'Pamela'
(Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, the famous couple from back then)
But again it was very innocent
We met every day after school for about an hour
We met in town at the weekend
Sometimes I would tell my parents I was babysitting
And go to meet him in his house
Then in the summer
He went away for a few weeks
We were devastated
And vowed to stay together
Out of sight
Out of mind
When he came back
I just didn't have feeling for him anymore
Oh the fickleness of youth
Any other relationships I had were drug related
So we won't talk about those
Back to on line dating
I know my friends have used Tinder
I know my two sisters have used various sites
I know that my uncle met his wife on line
But I have yet to dip my toe in to that pond
It's not that I don't want to meet someone
Or that I have a problem with on line dating
I just haven't been in the right frame of mind for a relationship
I was fighting for my life
I hated myself
Never mind letting anyone else get close to me
So my sister suggested that I sign up to an online dating service
I was a bit reluctant at first
But the more I thought about it
It seemed like a good idea
Most people in this country meet in pubs and clubs
I frequent neither
So I rarely meet new people
The things I do attend
Well swimming is a solitary activity
Although this morning there was a man talking to me in the pool
Unfortunately he wasn't even my species
Never mind my type
Only joking
That's mean
But it's true
That's another thing
I am shamefully out of practice with flirting
I wouldn't recognize someone flirting with me if they stripped right in front of me
I just have  no idea any more
How to meet people
How to flirt
How to date
How to act
How to dress
The etiquette
I am a dating virgin
And I need not to be
I guess that's what 'normal' people my age do
They meet
They date
The play the field
Keep their options open
We are becoming more like our sisters in the US
Dating multiple people
And not committing until ready
It would bring some much needed fun in to my life
And boy do I need that
Things have been so heavy the last few years
So much stress
And depression
And anxiety
It's about time I enjoyed myself
And lived life to the Pepsi -Max
So I'm going to do it people
I'm going to pop my dating cherry
What's the worst that could happen?
Famous last words........
Single, married, other.......

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