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Simple Ways to Spice up Your Wardrobe

By Rebecca_sands @Rebecca_Sands
Bec's wardrobe after an epic 5-hour clean out

Bec’s wardrobe after an epic 5-hour clean out

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of having an entire wardrobe full of outfits that I never actually get around to wearing, despite the fact that I love these very same clothes and refuse to throw them away.

I have quite a few dresses I’ve picked up across the years – of which I wear about three on a regular basis. I have my ‘favourite’ clothes depending on my mood, the weather, and whether I’ve gained or lost a couple of kilos (weight fluctuates, right?!).

Don’t get me wrong – I do some major chuck-outs every now and then. The picture you see above is my wardrobe after spending five hours cleaning it out. Mind you, I took everything out, cleaned all of the shelves, folded and neatly hung everything and put it back in. (I didn’t have five hours’ worth of clothes to chuck out). It wasn’t colour-coded but hung in order of office shirts; office jackets; office skirts; day skirts; going out tops; jeans; etc, etc. I tried to make it ideal for picking and choosing outfits – particularly when I’m in a hurry to get out the door. Which I usually am.

Still, much of the time I feel like I have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? (First-world problem, I know).

I’ve recently discovered that I actually enjoy online shopping. Previously, I didn’t like it because a) I couldn’t try it on, so how could I know what it looked like and whether it fit? and b) I had to wait for the delivery, which for me was a deal-breaker. Generally, when I’m shopping for clothes I’m planning to wear it at a specific event in the next several days.

Now, with online shopping more prolific and online purchases increasingly trustworthy, combined with faster and more cost-effective deliveries, I am more inclined to mix up my purchases with in-store and online buying.

I feel a combination of both online and in-store shopping is a particularly effective way to update an existing wardrobe with items that will allow you to diversify your choice, add a refreshing touch to an old outfit or provide a perfect complement to a top or bottom that’s already in your drawer.

I’ve partnered with  Stylekeepers to offer tips on adding a little cost-effective zing to your existing clothing collection. 

Be inspired by new styles

Seek inspiration. Go window shopping or jump online and see what new styles are out there. I like looking at a mix of overseas sites, like, and local Australian sites, like Stylekeepers, which offers creative ideas from a range of designers that you can use as your muse.

Shoes on Daily Inspiration Board

Be bold, be brave and experiment

Check out how clothing is put together. What ‘extras’ are added to the models to create the look they are presenting? The right-shade lipstick can add a splash of color to a monotone outfit, just as the perfect up-do teamed with the right pair of dangling earrings can make a look.

Fashion on Daily Inspiration Board


You don’t have to rush out and buy the latest fashions. You can use what is in your wardrobe and add some hand-picked accessories to create a whole new style. Visit accessory shops, vintage stores and thrift shops and see what you can find. You will be amazed what a difference you can make with a gorgeous necklace, a hair ornament, or a faux-vintage brooch.

The latest trend is big and bold, so go for all things oversized and watch how you can turn a staid little outfit into a fashion statement. Bling will dress up casual outfits while a scarf can add a touch of the bohemian. Add what’s new in accessories and your wardrobe will be revamped.

Accessories on Daily Inspiration Board

Dressing up the basics 

Classic cuts and basic colours will stay in vogue for many seasons. Go through your wardrobe and pull out your basics – things like the little black dress, leather jacket, and well-cut pants in black, navy or beige. These can be your building blocks for a new spiced-up wardrobe. Add new colours, shapes, textures, fabrics and patterns to these old favourites for a brand new look.

Art fashion on Daily Inspiration Board

The flair factor

Gone are the days when everything had to match perfectly. Today’s fashion is full of unlimited possibilities of fusing styles and pieces to create brand-new looks. Flair is the order of the day. Let your creativity run amok. Become your own designer.

Take what is in your wardrobe and apply flair. Adding unusual trimming to your garments will turn boring into daring. Revamp a tired sweater with a strip of fur, some colourful braiding, or vintage lace and sew on some funky buttons.

Cut off old trousers and make new shorts. Add belts to long shirts and make a dress. Spice it up! It can be made easy.

Note: I partnered with Stylekeepers as the sponsor for this post. 

Do you find you make best use of your wardrobe – if so, how?! 

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