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Simple Ways to a Greener Environment

Posted on the 06 October 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

As the awareness of environmental change increases, many people are looking for ways to alleviate the detrimental misuse and waste of materials. They are doing this in order to protect and restore the environment.

One of the easiest steps to reduce pollution is recycling. Many towns and cities encourage and assist their citizens by providing recycling containers and guidelines to what is and is not acceptable. Some have even gone so far as to levy fines for improper disposal of recyclables. However, cities and individuals are not the only ones to become actively involved in recycling. Recycling bins can be found in many businesses as well.

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Recycling is not the only way to improve our environment. Changing our habits in the use of water, heat and electricity will also make an impact. Electric consumption can be lessened by replacing traditional light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and turning off lights in rooms that are not being used.

Another reduction that would improve our environment is the use of chemicals. Chemicals have become such a part of our society that many times we are unaware of them. Many of the foods that we consume, from prepackaged to fast food, have chemicals that act as preservatives in them. These chemicals can affect not only the environment but our health as well.

Food is not the only place in our homes where chemicals can be found. Many detergents, cleaners, soaps and shampoos have chemicals in them; as well as some of our larger items including our clothing, accessories and furniture.

With chemicals entering into every aspect of our lives, the task of protecting the environment seems very daunting. The good news is that just as energy efficient bulbs have been developed to help with electrical consumption, there are new products developed every day that will help us become eco-friendly in all aspects of our lives. Many markets and grocery stores carry organically grown fruits and vegetables. “Green” alternatives for cleaners and detergents are available; and many soaps and shampoos have become eco-friendly as well. Organic clothing is a growing trend in the fashion industry and environmentally friendly furniture is available as well.

Awareness alone will not correct the change in the environment. It will take action in our everyday lives. Recycling, changing wasteful habits, reading labels and supporting those products that are environmentally friendly will go a long way toward protecting our world and restoring what we have lost.

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