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Simple Shortcuts

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Simple ShortcutsIt's no secret that being crafty can take time, and we're all loving shortcuts.  So, even though the cardboard box lid photo booth of my last post takes literally minutes to complete, here's a few no-minute options to create brilliant backdrops for guest photos at your next party.
  • Play equipment - perfect for a children's party; simply organise one guest at a time to stand on / inside the equipment and take their portrait.  
  • Beaded curtains - whether these are inside or outside, and regardless of whether the guests are in front, behind or coming through; they're fun.  Add a second one for extra interest.
  • Windows - be they cubby houses or real; ask guests to poke their head through and take a snapshot.
  • Bunk beds - for small groups of children, hang a sheet from the top bunk and have the children hide behind and pop out for a photo.
  • Curtains - stand guests in front of the curtain for uniform backdrops.
  • Tents or teepees - if you have one; use it.  
  • Blue sky - if you're blessed with sunshine on the big day, use it to best effect.  Green grass is another natural alternative.
  • White walls - if you can't find anything else to act as a backdrop, the white wall is always a winner.
  • Carpet - the final standby; little kids live on it, so photograph them against this neutral backdrop.

The idea of a photobooth is to create a consistent backdrop that allows all your guests to look part of the party, and the best backdrops are the ones that help you concentrate on the people in front.
Have a look back through your favourite portraits and determine which backdrops work best and decide if you can use them or recreate them for your next family get-together.

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