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Silver Storm Water Theme Park

By Vishnudas
Silver Storm Water Theme ParkVettilapara nearby the famed Athirapally waterfalls in Thrissur District is the dwelling place of the Silver Storm Water Theme Park. Initiated with the assistance of Kerala state Industrial Corporation Ltd, the Silver Storm Water Theme Park is one of the most frequented tourist spots of the region. It is only park designed with much versatility. It suppresses such features that are not found in any other park. For instance, the Park exhibits Go-Karting which amuses you with some exploratory driving along the wild tracks. This thrill was exclusively introduced for the first time in the Silver Storm Water Theme Park in the history of South India.
The amusement services offered by Silver Storm are truly versatile and are not less than other park.Silver Storm Water Theme ParkSilver Storm Water Theme ParkThe rides accessible here is a truly unique fusion of artificial and natural sensations. The Silver Storm Water Theme Park houses such rides that is limited only to it and is not found in any other amusement park of South India. In order to welcome and greet its visitors, the Park has hired people who dress up as adorable cartoon characters. These characters even dance with the kids, thereby instilling excitement in them. Taking special care of the children, the very exotic theme park has organized a very interesting corner known as Children’s Village which encloses pet animals and birds that wander around the place. This park can be some serious fun for those kids who love pets. They automatically get magnetized towards the pets. Fish Ponds and Carnival Games are some other means of thrill for the kids. Baby Train, Kids pool, etc are some of the places of this magnificent park where they can have some fun.
Silver Storm Water Theme ParkThe theme park offers numerous rides such as Wave Pool, Master Blaster, Go-Karting, Splash, Jurassic Splash, Turbo Twister, Fun Slide, Tea Cup, Coaster Striking Cars, Hara Kiri and many other adventurous rides. For the youngsters, Bumping Boats prove be the trendy one. On the other hand, Flying Dutchman is an assemblage of planes through which one is taken to an awesome height of 20ft; this has been outlined as the most pulsating and joyous ride ever. It proves to be the most outstanding ride ever. At the same time, the Striking Cars creates a spell on its visitors due to its scientifically formulated spherical layout. In addition to that, these cars boast of joystick controls in place of the normal steering wheel, which administers rapid and impressive. Silver Storm Water Theme ParkIf one wants to experience some twist and turn, then the Turbo Twister will twist you around as you as you hop into its appealing pool. You can also design waves at the Wave Pools. If one wants to tap their feet, then the aqua dance corner is the best one. You can dance to the untamed music and the squashy light. Beyond this, the showering and splattering water adds to the dancing environment of the place. In order to feed the tired enthusiasts,the Silver Storm Water Theme Park encompasses restaurants where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served. Besides that, the Park also features an ice cream parlour, lockers, gift shops, food courts, handicapped and old age rest rooms.
Silver Storm Water Theme ParkThus, we can see that the Silver Storm Water Park has a lot to offer. If one wants to have the time of their life, then this theme park is the best. So, do come, explore the place and have a fun-filled experience. 

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