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Signs You Are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

By Heybeautiful

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

There are many things in life that are misunderstood but considered as the right ones. One such thing is our ideas about sleeping. For instance, there is a feeling that people who sleep as soon as they lie down are lucky. We term those who are always tensed as stressed out. We attribute forgetfulness to ageing. For all we know, probably these are due to sleep deprivation. Let us look at some signs which are pointers to Sleep Deprivation.

Fighting with your better half?

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

Having been a loving spouse all along, if you have started fighting with your spouse more often, check your sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep causes huge mental disturbances leading to dissatisfaction in marital life.

Conking out during odd times?

If you have started conking out during your favorite show in the theaters or your travel during the day time, it is time you hear to your body's yearning to sleep

Tossing & turning in your bed

At times, you will feel absolutely worn out. When you try to sleep, you will toss and turn a hundred times in the bed. This will worsen your efforts to sleep. If this is the case with you, we are sure you are deprived of sleep

Driving the wrong way?

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

You have been driving for years. All of a sudden you start missing the lefts and rights you need to take. This is a direct indication that your memory is suffering. You are not in the present. If you have started experiencing this, sleep deprivation is the real cause.

Feeling hungry most of the times

Feeling pangs of hunger more than usual? Blame it on Ghrelin hormones. This is a clear signal that we are deprived of sleep. sleep deprivation triggers excess production of Ghrelin hormones which in turn makes us eat all junk foods in front of us

Reading sentences again and again

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

When we start reading sentences more than once in order to understand them clearly, it indicates that your eyes need some darkness. It also indicates that lack of sleep is eating over your mind disallowing it to focus.

Speaking more clichés

All of a sudden we may start using clichés more when we normally speak. Probably the thinking skills are getting impaired and the brain refuses to think in a creative manner. Sleep deprivation leads to stuttered speech which is monotonic and slurred.

Sleeping as soon as you hit the bed

This does not always indicate a boon but may be due to sleep deprivation too. If unattended to, this may lead to a sleep disorder

Forgetting even the routines

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

If you started forgetting things that you have been doing for years, don't even have an iota of doubt. You are suffering from sleep deprivation

Remember, many factors may deprive you of sleep. The only way to buck up is to set a sleeping and waking up time. Regular sleeping habits will pull you out of sleep deprivation and the many issues it causes.

Happy sleeping!

Let us know if you have experiences any of it in the comments below.

Signs You are Affected by Sleep Deprivation

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