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Sideara Speaks

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

sideara st claire

+ I am so so so beyond stoked to have you sharing you’re creative genius with us on the reg. Sideara Speaks! You’ve been on the blog before (here & here), but it’s been a while- reintroduce yourself.

Hi again

Im so stoked on this chance to be a part of the amazing FLXX blog!! My name is Sideara. I’m 19 years old and relatively recently moved from beautiful San Diego to the fast paced, delightfully stereotypical, and opportunity-filled city of Los Angeles. I’m absolutely loving it up here. There’s always something going on but I keep myself busy working on the marketing, future/current designs, and orders for my clothing label NIN3,  and furthering my acting career. I am lucky enough to be living a life where I legitimately enjoy everything I do.

+ How did you get involved in the world of fashion and what are you doing now?

I got involved in fashion through my hate for fashion, I guess. I was so tired of being told I was dressing the “wrong” way I decided I needed to work on completely blocking out the idea of a right or wrong way to dress and develop my own tastes, tastes that had been with me when I wore princess dresses to preschool or cardboard horns to elementary.

Once I figured out more of what I genuinely liked versus what was popular or easy to wear, I became a much happier person. And much to my surprise, people no longer gave me heat for the way I dressed – in fact quite the contrary, they began to tell me they liked it. A best friend of mine who I’d known through out all of this, Devon, shared my newfound love of clothes (although it had always been an interest of hers) and we started to construct our own pieces. A lot of what drove us forward was that as very short girls, we couldn’t find clothes that fit us properly. As people became more an more interested in what we were making, the idea of NIN3 was born… the rest is history.

Clothes as a source of happiness for me manifested in many different ways- I created a page that brought around exciting opportunities, got to work with Brian Lichtenberg (a designer who I’ve admired for a long time), started my own personal blog, and recently did a bit of modeling for the amazing Tunnel Vision shop. & of course NIN3 has taken over my life. LA has been the perfect place for me to connect with amazing people who share my passions.

nin3 clothing

nin3 clothing

+ Coolest person (or people) in the fashion world you’ve met and worked with since moving to LA? 

Brian Lichtenberg. I always thought he was super talented but meeting him was a whole other experience for me since he was such a genuinely fun person to be around. I was extremely inspired by the way he built his whole brand up by himself. He’s inspired by everything around him and is just open to have fun. It’s really cool when you can meet someone who inspires you and they live up to your expectations. You can check out his line @

+ What keeps you inspired and creative? 

One of the reasons (besides always having a need to) that I want to act is because of how inspiring films can be. There are so many times that I’ve watched a movie and started to think about things a completely different way than I did prior to seeing it.

If you’re experiencing a massive creative block, I recommend taking a bath – relax & set up your computer nearby on Netflix with a great movie playing. Recently I watched Rosemary’s Baby and Doom Generation (which has reawoken my love for checkers and sparked a desperate need to completely redo my room).

sideara st claire

+ Ever since I have known you, you have been the master at thrift shops. What are you tips for finding treasures amongst all the junk?

UGH! Just thinking about hitting up a thrift shop gets me going. Bring along an iPod or something, because you have to be prepared to spend some time in there. I keep my eyes peeled for interesting designs (I love crazy patterns/textiles), and touch everything as I go through the aisles. Sometimes something looks boring but if the material is right, it can transform once its on you.

If its a warehouse style thrift store, take advantage of the shopping cart option. Throw everything you think MIGHT work in there and try it alll on. Keep in mind that the best part about buying cheap things is that its so easy to alter them guilt-free, so have an open mind. If you f*ck it up or can’t make it better, hey, it was a dollar.

+ What is one thing you think every girl should own?

One of those filtration water bottle things. Thats the only thing we all have in common. We all gotta drink that H2O.

sideara st. claire

+ As for summer, what is one fashion essential is a must?

I CAN NOT stand heat, so things that show skin. Everyone has their own comfort level on that front but at least stock yourself up on some flowey dresses made out of light material. I cannot stress sunscreen enough either. I’m on that 101 SPF game every day. Also lighter, brighter colors will keep you cooler.

+  Five of your current obsessions?

1. B&W checkers or any sort of busy pattern in black and white.
2. Extremely long nails.
3. The book “The Greatest Salesman in the World“.
4. Lime Crime make up, even though I only have the privilege of owning one of their lipsticks (d’lilac).
5. Los Angeles.

money nails

+ Number one beauty tip?

Deep conditioning. As a bleach blonde, it’s a life saver. Every single time you shower, just leave the conditioner in for as long as you can afford to! Some people may get crazy with coconut oil recommendations and I’m sure that all works amazingly, but I’ve been happy with any old cheap conditioner. Leave it in long enough and it’s gonna do you some good. Your hair will thank you. (<—-<< coming from the girl with best & longest hair evs, that is some advice I’ll be taking).

+ You literally have a bajillion amazing shoes, but if you had to choose- which pair is your fave?

Thank you, I’ll definitely do a shoe collection post! This is such a hard question. My favorite?!?! How can I pick a favorite?? Do you ask a mother which one of her children she loves the most? The shoes I’ve been wearing the most often are my patent leather wine Jeffrey Campbell Kanes.

jeffrey campbell kanes

+ Last, but not least, most beloved item in your entire wardrobe?

The huge oversized love filled knitted coat made by my grandmother and her father. Its irreplaceable and provides the perfect amount of warmth and happiness in any situation.

++ What did I say…. is she great or is she great!!? I am so over-the-top excited to see what this tiny creative genius has to share in the future. STAY TUNED.

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