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Should You Have a Joint Hen/Stag Night?

By Lollicious @lollicious

Should You Have a Joint Hen/Stag Night?

Traditionally, hen and stag nights have been kept apart. However, more and more couples are deciding to have a joint hen/stag night. They are even calling it the STEN night. If you're not sure whether this idea is right for you, this guide will help you. There are some rules you need to stick to if you decide this is for you too. Read on to learn more:

If you're a little low on funds but you both want to have an amazing time, a STEN do can save you both money. You could rent a room out to have a party, or think of another way to join your night together. Places like can give you an idea of what sort of room to rent. As you're not doing two completely different things, you should find that this night costs you less than it would have otherwise.

What Are Your Reasons for Wanting a Joint Night?

Carefully think of your reasons for wanting a joint night. I can tell you now that having a joint night because you don't trust your partner is wrong. You should want a joint night mainly because you'll think it will be more fun. Not because you don't trust your partner or their friends and want to keep an eye on them. Who wants to marry into a relationship like that? No-one in their right mind! Be honest with yourself about your reasons and go from there. If you know your intentions are good, you can go ahead with it .

Should You Have a Joint Hen/Stag Night?

The only issue with having a STEN night is that it can seem a little bit like an engagement party. You need to make it different. Usually, stag and hen parties are a little bit naughty. That's what sets them apart from other kinds of wedding parties. You can include and props, and anything else you think will make this night fun. It's a good idea to do a few boys vs. girls games too. How about a paintballing game? There are so many options, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Allow Time for Separation

It's still a good idea to allow time for separation although you're having a joint night. This is still supposed to be about you spending quality time with your friends, so make the most of it! Don't cling to your other half all night. You could even go for a meal with your friends separately before the drinking begins. You're going to be tied together for life from now on, so there's no harm in spending a little bit of time apart.

Relax and have fun. Boys are going to be boys on this occasion, whether it's a joint party or not. Let them get a little bit rowdy and don't scold them like you usually would. The girls might get a bit silly too. Just chill out and enjoy yourself!

Do you think you should have a STEN night after reading this post? Hopefully, it's helped you to come up with an answer!

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