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Should Incest Between Adults Really Be a Jailable Offense?

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Calvinthedog

Kareem writes:

In theory, a consenting parent and son/daughter of age can fuck and possibly have offspring under the caveat of them playing Russian Roulette with their kids’ genetics.

But like most things, it comes down to emotions and what’s in people’s hearts. Generally speaking, a society outlaws things if enough people dislike it. Very few people would be for the idea of parents fucking their own children or brothers and sisters fucking.

I agree, but I doubt if most people would care enough about it to say that fathers and adult daughters, mothers and adult sons and adult brothers and sisters fucking is gross and disgusting and weird and freaky, but most would probably also be uncomfortable with actually putting these parties in jail over such a thing. A lot of people would probably say that’s an overreaction.

Brothers and sisters fuck quite a bit, as teenagers, and also some do as adults. It’s not extremely uncommon. Fathers and adult daughters fuck sometimes too. It is not as rare as you think. Often the daughter is 18-25 or so. Mothers and sons is pretty crazy. I have not heard of many examples of that. There are few if any children from adult brother-sister or father-adult daughter sex.

And honestly, it is not common at all for people to be arrested incest charges even if authorities know about it. Cops don’t usually feel like arresting adults for something so lame.

Cousin-cousin sex, especially as teenagers but also more commonly than you think among, is way more common than you might think, and a lot of cousin-cousin pairings turn into long-term love affairs. Apparently cousin-cousin sex is completely legal and does not fall under incest. The only thing is that cousins generally cannot get legally married, so they just cohabit. And cousin pairings some do have children, although that is not as common as you think. Considering how much sex adult cousins have with each other in the US, it is interesting that not many children are produced as a result of it. Even adult cousin-cousin couples in the US seem to think that having kids is a bad idea.

It is illegal for fathers to marry adult daughters, mothers to marry adult sons or adult brothers and sisters to marry each other. I mean it is not illegal, but they are simply not allowed to get legally married is a better way of putting it.

I believe that society should continue to outlaw marriage between fathers and adult daughters, mothers and adult sons and adult brothers and sisters, and in addition, cousin marriages should continue to be not allowed.

Cousin-cousin pairings resulting in children should be highly frowned upon, and with fathers and adult daughters, mothers and adult sons and adult brothers and sisters there are probably so few children produced that it is hardly a concern. It is perfectly legal for two adult cousins to have children together, but I assume it is frowned upon by society as it should be. Two cousins having children together should not be made illegal. That is just silly. But we need to continue to discourage this, as it is not good genetically.

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