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Should Bipolar People Have Children?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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I find it personally insulting that readers are finding my blog by searching should bipolar people have children and it is people like you that allow the stigma of mental illness to carry on. I am a bipolar person and I assure you we make great parents.

Bipolar people are not different to the next person and they are just as able to love, care and devote their lives to having a child.

It may well be that bipolar parents take medication or have therapy, but I believe the world would be a better place if each individual, with our without a mental health issue had a therapist, we all need support and advice at some time in our lives.

I am bipolar; I was diagnosed in November 2010 when I was four months pregnant with my sixth child. I have lived a relatively normal life, despite being bipolar and if anything I thank my illness for being as successful as I have been in my career choices.

Should Bipolar People Have Children?

Bipolar along with many mental health issues is widely misunderstood, these days bipolar does not make you a freak. There are a wide variety of medications and therapies that allow a bipolar person to be just as able as anyone else.

I agree without medication and therapy that has been recommended, bipolar can have a deteriorating effect upon that person’s life. They become a risk to themselves and a possible risk to others. Bipolar parents do need added and extra support, from health professionals, family and friends.

With a good solid foundation of support, a bipolar person can grow and flourish, and become a great parent.

I am the first to recognize that if I need support or notice that my bipolar is not being controlled as well as it should be, that I need to speak out. It is part of being a responsible bipolar parent that we learn what triggers us and when placed in stressful situations we have back up plans readily available.

There is no reason why a bipolar parent should ever be frowned upon, we make just a good as parent as anyone else.

Should Bipolar People Have Children? What Are Your Views…

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