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Shopping Tip | Spotting Chambray Fabric

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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Chambray is often confused with denim but it is not. Is just imparts the look of denim. Chambray fabric is made by weaving white yarn with any colored yarn like blue, aqua, khaki or red. Still confused? Chambray has a little faded look with soft and light colors. You will find white thread running in the width direction in a way that it gives a different color to the fabric than what color yarns are used.
If your see the inside of chambray fabric, it will appear the same than what it appears on outer-side. But id you see a denim's inside, it will be a different color, usually lighter color than what is appears on outer-side.
Check out these swatches of chambray at and see if you understand. Also check out these swatches by BSK textiles.
If not satisfied, you will find beautiful swatches of fabrics and to-the-point simple definition of each fabric here at
Trust me, I have been equally fooled by chambray and denim fabrics as any other ignorant person (I cannot pinpoint you , what if you already knew ;-)) and today is the day, as I write this post, when I know what Chambray fabric is and how it is different from denim, where I can see the swatches and some best websites for fabrics.

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