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Shetland Binge

By Vickilane
Shetland Binge
 My friendly local book pusher/enabler brought me a big old bunch of books a while back and I began with the first of the Shetland series and never looked back.

I watched the television series maybe a year ago, but it varied a good bit from the books (and I tend to forget story lines) so I was still in suspense about most of the plots.

These are really excellent novels--terrific characters, intelligent writing, and intricate, tricksy plotting. But the big deal for me was the intimate look at these far northern islands, their history, and their inhabitants. I finished the eighth and last book yesterday and went foraging around the internet to learn more about the Shetland Islands. 

I'd not realized how very far north and how isolated they are. And how much influence the Vikings had there. And how distinct are  the cultures and communities on each island. And how the influence of the oil industry changed things.

I loved these books and was sorry to see the series end. Now I think I'l have another go at the TV series. It will be interesting to see the scenery and note the plot changes.  

Shetland Binge

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