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Sharing is Caring

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
sharing is caring (black long-sleeve tee, black leggings, grey suede thigh high boots, plaid poncho sweater)
Somehow I was blessed not only to live with two amazing girls who are my best friends, yet they also have some of the most amazing closets you've ever seen. If we put all three of our closets together... it'd probably be the best compilation of clothes ever. Anyways, considering that we all have some pretty kick ass clothes- there is definitely a lot of sharing going on in my house hold. Some days I am picking out my outfit and literally everything in my closet is so boring to me, which is when I mozy on in to my roommates closet and grab the first thing that catches my eye. Today it was this fabulous plaid poncho like garment. Not only is it adorable but it was the softest, coziest jacket... probably ever. I paired it with a long sleeve black tee, black leggings, and my grey suede thigh high boots. Now this outfit would have been perfect if the weather stayed as it was when I woke up (cold), yet unfortunately by afternoon the sun was shining bright... and I went from cozy to pretty miserable quick. Atleast I looked cute. p.s. expect a change in my appearance next outfit post ♡ sharing is caring

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